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"Do you believe the Klingons call him an ambassador? The only diplomacy B'vat's ever used has been the business end of a disruptor."
- Marta (“Treasure Trading Station”)

B'vat, son of Warat, is a Klingon Admiral and a recurring adversary throughout the Klingon War mission-chain.

Persönliche Geschichte[]

B'vat is the sole remaining descendant of Klingons who, in the 22nd Century, received knowledge of the future from a faction of the Temporal Cold War, the Na'kuhl. By 2265 B'vat was leader of his house and commanded the I.K.V. Quv. The House of B'vat was in the middle of a feud with the House of Duras following the death of B'vat's brother due to "Duras' treachery". He swore to avenge his brother with "the destruction of a hundred Duras ships".

In 2389 B'vat's son K'das was murdered by Aakan of the House of Mo'Kai, reigniting a blood feud between the two Houses. B'vat swore to hunt down and kill all members of the House of Mo'Kai, which he eventually accomplished.

After attaining the position of Ambassador, B'vat volunteered to mediate negotiations between Chancellor Martok and the Gorn Hegemony, leading to war between the Klingon Empire and the Gorn, which both B'vat and Gorn King Slathis considered a desirable outcome. In 2393, six years after the destruction of Romulus, J'mpok emerged as Chancellor of the High Council and was accused by Drex, son of Martok, of dishonorably killing his father. B'vat, the Arbiter of Succession, rejected his claim to the Chancellorship.

By 2409, B'vat had become convinced that the only thing keeping the Klingon Empire together was the conflict with the Federation, which broke out five years earlier. He thus sought any available means to prolong the war indefinitely.

Beteiligte Missionen[]

  • B'vat in 2265

    “Night of the Comet”: In 2265, the player encounters the I.K.V. Quv in the Drozana System, commanded by a young B'vat. He attempts to destroy them, believing them to be from the House of Duras.
  • Sternenflotte“Der Planetenkiller”: B'vat tries to prevent K'Valk and the player from sabotaging the Planet Killer, a powerful and ancient weapon whose location had been revealed to his ancestors by the Na'kuhl in the 22nd Century.
  • “Temporaler Botschafter”: In an alternate timeline, B'vat is a laborer working for the Tholian Assembly at a base in the Azure Nebula. Seeking a last moment of honor in his life as a prisoner, he provides a distraction for KDF players to sneak past a Tholian guard.
  • “Von Bajor”: In "Petition the Prophets", one of the Prophets takes the form of 23rd century B'vat.

Ehemals beteiligte Missionen[]

  • Sternenflotte“Die Kuvah'Magh”: Ambassador Kas invites Miral Paris, who is said to be the Kuvah'Magh, as a mediator to a peace conference between the Klingon Empire and the Federation on Regulus IV. Spurred by B'vat's propaganda, the talks are sabotaged by Klingons and their Orion mercenaries who believe Miral to be a false savior. Although the talks have failed, Kas eventually assists the player in chasing B'vat away before he can abduct Miral Paris.
  • Sternenflotte“Geheime Befehle”: On a Klingon base in the Briar Patch, the player retrieves data indicating that B'vat has conscripted scientists to help design powerful new weapons[1] against the Federation.
  • Sternenflotte“City on the Edge of Never”: B'vat's forces abduct Miral Paris from the U.S.S. Kirk and take her through the Guardian of Forever in the Gateway System.
  • Sternenflotte“Past Imperfect”: The player pursues the I.K.S. Worvig into the year 2270, eventually disabling it and rescuing Paris. B'vat's 23rd century counterpart assists them, bitter at having learned that he will go on to lead a life of dishonor. The B'vat from 2409 is killed in battle.
  1. Although it is never clearly stated in the dialogue, this is likely intended as a reference to Dr. Singh's augmented Gorn (“The Ultimate Klingon”) and the Planet Killer (“Der Planeten-Killer”), in addition to the weapons destroyed during the mission.


  • In the now removed mission “The Other Side”, B'vat's counterpart from the mirror universe used to be encountered.
  • Until this was resolved with a patch in 2014, the pattern of B'vat's cranial ridges used to differ between his Klingon War-appearances (such as “Der Planeten-Killer”) and his appearance in “Temporaler Botschafter”.
  • B'vat's 23rd-century self can be found at the Captain's Table.
  • The remastered version of “Der Planeten-Killer” used to create a continuity error, since B'vat is killed in the previous mission, “Past Imperfect”. This was addressed in Season 5 when the order of Klingon missions was changed to the original (post-launch) order.
  • Not counting D'Vak of Task Force Omega, B'vat is the only member of the Klingon Defense Force to be referred to as an "Admiral," rather than General.


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