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Bajoranisches Wurmloch aus dem Orbit

Einheim. Spezies:

Das Bajoranisches Wurmloch ist ein künstliches Wurmloch das durch die Propheten erstellt wurde. Es ist eine Verknüpfung vom Alpha zu dem Gamma Quadrant, über eine Entfernung von 70,000 Lichtjahren. Die Föderation Raumstation Deep Space 9 befindet sich am Eingang in dem Alpha Quadrant, und beide Wurmloch und Station spielen eine entscheidende Rolle in dem Dominion Krieg.

Für spirituelle Bajoraner ist das Wurmloch auch bekannt als der Celestial Tempel.


The home system of the Bajoran people. The system has eight planets, and there are four moons around Bajor, which is the homeworld.

The Bajorans are a deeply spiritual people, and faith in the Prophets drives much of who they are. They are also fighters, and when their world was occupied by the Cardassian Union they launched a fierce opposition movement that ultimately drove the Cardassians forces to retreat.

Bajor is one of the newest members of the United Federation of Planets.


  • “Zweite Welle”: During a conference on DS9 dealing with the Borg threat, the Dominion fleet missing since 2374 returns, battles Starfleet forces and takes over Deep Space 9. The wormhole is now under Dominion control.
  • “Von Bajor”: To convince the Vorta Loriss of her fleet's temporal displacement, Captain James Kurland discusses wormhole mechanics and shows data collected by U.S.S. Defiant. The Dominion has encountered wormholes before, Loriss states, but none moving objects across time, only space. She is not convinced.
  • “Operation Gamma”: Using a small craft, the player travels through the wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant in order to contact the main body of the Dominion.
  • “Sphäre des Einflusses”: Researcher A'dranna believes that the Iconian gateways on New Romulus and in the Jouret System present the same opportunities for the Romulan Republic that the wormhole did for Bajor.

Früher beteiligte Missionen[]

  • “Rapier”: The U.S.S. Rapier, a prototype starship missing for six years by 2409, is rescued by the player from the clutches of the Dominion. The attacking Jem'Hadar are killed and the Vorta commander, Eraun, captured.
  • “Crack in the Mirror”: Captain James O'Brien tries and fails to redirect the wormhole to the Mirror Universe where a fleet of Terran Empire warships is waiting to conquer this reality. Inside the Celestial Temple, a physical manifestation of the Prophets' realm, the player encounters Prophet (Danna Brott) standing in the center of an island. She provides information of the Orb of Possibilities.


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