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Milit. Rang:
Sektion 31 Agent

Franklin Drake ist ein Mensch Offizier und arbeitet für die inoffizielle Spionageagentur der Föderation Sektion 31. Obwohl es die Mission von Sektion 31 ist, die Föderation mit allen erforderlichen Mitteln vor allen Bedrohungen zu schützen, bleibt Drakes persönliche Agenda weitgehend unklar.


  • Drake conducted extensive interviews of any members of the crew of the U.S.S. Cochrane who may have observed the events leading to T'Vix's arrest.
  • Drake, posing as a Federation Council liason, escorted Jake Sisko to meet with Elim Garak to discuss the Undine infiltration of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants (The Needs of the Many).

Gibt Missionen[]

  • "Gespenster" Episode
    • Sternenflotte“Skirmish”
    • Sternenflotte“Spin the Wheel”
    • Sternenflotte“What Lies Beneath”
    • Sternenflotte“Everything Old is New”
    • Sternenflotte“Night of the Comet”
  • “Hearts and Minds”: Drake asks the player to check in on Sibak, a Vulcan scientist working alone at the Donatu Prime Lunar Research Station.
  • “Traelus System - Satellite Repair”: Drake tasks the player with repairing damaged satellites in the Traelus System.

An Missionen beteiligt[]

  • Klingonisches Reich Tutorial
    • Klingonische Verteidigungsstreitmacht“Wachende”: Drake is a prisoner of the Klingon Empire and is being transferred from the I.K.S. Seg'pa onto the players' ship.
    • Klingonische Verteidigungsstreitmacht“Eindringlingsalarm!”: The player fights Starfleet boarding parties from the USS Musashi attempting to liberate Drake. It turns out, that Captain Jurlek had a secret agreement with Starfleet and allowed the rescue attempt to take place on purpose.
    • Klingonische Verteidigungsstreitmacht“Herausforderung für das Kommando!”: Drake expresses surprise when First Officer Doran is killed in a failed attempt to overthrow Cpt. Jurlek for command of the ship due to his treachery. Drake "predicted" Doran to succeed but he is still confident in the player to act according to his ominous plan.
    • Klingonische Verteidigungsstreitmacht“Erste Stadt”: The player delivers Drake to the prison facility in the First City of Qo'noS.
  • "Imperium" Episode
    • Klingonische Verteidigungsstreitmacht“Weltraumverfolgung”: Drake escapes from the prison on Qo'noS. On his hunt for the fugitive, the player has to engage several Federation ships in the Boreth System.
    • Klingonische Verteidigungsstreitmacht“Menschenjagd”: The player tracks Drake down to Rura Penthe. Before Drake escapes for a final time, he tells the player that the Klingon Empire faces a far more menacing threat than a fugitive prisoner and points the player and K'mtar to the Vor System.
  • “Gespenster”: Cpt. Harvson patches Federation-aligned Romulan Republic players through to Drake in order to begin an investigation of unusual activity around Drozana Station.
  • “Geschwätz”: A Prophet takes the form of Drake from the alternate timeline when the player returns the Orb of Possibilities to the mirror universe.
  • “Schmetterling”: Drake can be seen at the Kyana Research Station, where the Krenim and the Iconian Resistance are testing out scenarios in the holodeck for a temporal incursion to be performed by the K.I.S. Annorax.
  • “Miitternacht”: Drake is present in the conference room on Kyana Research Station before the Iconian Resistance commences its last briefing of the Iconian War.
  • “Temporaler Botschafter”: In an alternate timeline, Drake is a laborer working for the Tholian Assembly at a base in the Azure Nebula.
  • “Quarks Glückliche Sieben”: Rom hacks into several Starfleet Intelligence files recorded by Drake.



  • A non-interactable version of Drake occasionally spawns in Earth Spacedock's Club 47, where he walks up to the bar and has a drink.
  • The player originally met Drake during “Under the Cover of Night”, in which he filled the role later given to T'Par. Later, the mission was completely removed from the game as part of the 5 Year Anniversary Event.
  • The Starfleet Intelligence briefings in Quark's Lucky Seven were recorded by Drake. This was confirmed by lead writer Paul Reed in the developer's liveplay of the episode. [1]
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