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Romulanisches SternenreichI.R.W. Leahval
IRW Leahval.png
Scimitar Dreadnought
Delta Corvi-System
Vulkanisches System
Vermisst (2409)

Die I.R.W. Leahval' ist ein Dreadnought der Scimitar-Klasse und das Flagschiff des Romulanischen Sternenimperiums. 2409 ist der Captain der Leahval die Kaiserin Sela.


Missionen beteiligt[]

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  • “Handelsgut”: According to secret Tal Shiar records, the Leahval carried Sela to the conference on Khitomer.
  • “Nacht und Nebel”: The Leahval enters the Delta Corvi System to take Vrimek into custody.
  • Sternenflotte“Kaiserin Sela”: Sela leads a Romulan attack on Vulcan from the Leahval; the ship retreats after the attack is foiled by Federation players.
  • Sternenflotte“Taris”: The Leahval and escorts arrive in the Iconia System in response to Federation players having captured Taris, Sela demanding she be handed over to the Romulan Star Empire.
  • “Die Leitung kappen”: Following the Tal Shiar's defeat at the hands of the Reman Resistance in the Brea System, the Leahval and a few escorts attempt a counterattack in orbit of Brea III. As the tide turns against Sela, a mysterious ship appears, towing the Leahval through a nearby ship-sized Iconian gateway.


  • Until Legacy of Romulus the Leahval had a number of cosmetic differences from normal Scimitars. These modifications were temporarily used for the NPC Falchion Dreadnought Warbird, and can still be seen in the cutscene where the Leahval is towed through the Iconian gateway.
  • In the mission “Was übrig bleibt”, it is revealed that Sela is the only survivor of the Leahval's crew; the majority having been turned into Elachi, and the rest being killed in an escape attempt prompted by the player's raid on the Elachi outpost where they were being held.
  • The ship's name may be a misspelling of the Romulan word "laehval", meaning "shadow".


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