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"Rodek" leitet hier her weiter. Siehe Rogaz für den Wächter von Rura Penthe der früher als Rodek bekannt war.

Militär Rang:
Tony Todd

General Kurn, Sohn des Mogh, ist ein Klingonen General der im 24. und 25. Jahrhundert im Dienst der Klingonische Verteidigungsstreitmacht ist. Er ist der Bruder von Worf.

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Originally born Kurn, son of Mogh in the year 2345, Kurn was only a year old and living on Qo'noS when the Romulan Star Empire attacked the Khitomer outpost where his father and older brother Worf were living. Kurn was subsequently raised by Lorgh, a close family friend. In the year 2366, Duras accused Mogh of conspiring with the Romulans and facilitating the attack on the outpost, at which time Kurn approached Worf on the U.S.S. Enterprise-D and revealed himself to be his brother. The sons of Mogh and Captain Jean-Luc Picard traveled to Qo'noS to contest Duras' allegations, but were forced to accept defeat when it was found that Duras' power within the Klingon High Council was too strong; Worf bore the discommendation of their house alone, as Kurn's lineage remained secret.

A year later, Chancellor K'mpek died after being poisoned. When Duras' sisters Lursa and B'Etor attempted to seize power from Gowron, K'mpek's rightfully-chosen successor, Kurn and Worf fought in the ensuing Klingon Civil War on the side of Gowron with Kurn commanding the I.K.S. Hegh'ta. Following Gowron's victory, the House of Mogh was reinstated.

By 2372, Kurn had earned a seat on the High Council. That same year, the Klingon Empire declared war on the Cardassian Union, alleging that the Cardassian government had been infiltrated by the Dominion. When Worf refused to condone or participate in the conflict, the House of Mogh was again discommendated and Kurn was expelled from the High Council. Kurn then came to Worf, now serving on Deep Space 9 and tried to convince his brother to aid him in the Mauk-to'Vor ritual so that he could die with honor. After the senior officers of DS9 interceded, it was decided that Kurn would be surgically altered and given a new identity; he was henceforth known as Rodek, son of Noggra. He would go on to serve alongside Martok during the Dominion War. By 2410, he has achieved the rank of General in the KDF and is also a member of the Klingon Honor Guard.

At some point during Rodek/Kurn's career, the General had engaged in direct combat with the Tzenkethi Coalition. Whether this was before or after becoming Rodek or even false memories is unclear. He has a wife, B'irja, and at least two daughters, one of whom is Loresinger Juvat.

In Missionen beteiligt[]

  • “Von Zeichen und Wundern”:Rodek begleitet den Spieler und Captain Kuumaarke in einer abgelegenen Region des Alpha-Quadranten bei der Untersuchung des Einsatzes von Protomaterie-Waffen durch die Tzenkethi.
  • Faction Khitomer.png Tzenkethi Battlezone: Rodek koordiniert die Bemühungen der Allianz, die Operationen der Tzenkethi im Gon'cra-System einzustellen.
  • “Tötungen durch Gravitationskraft”: Rodek coordinates the Alliance efforts to halt Tzenkethi operations near a microquasar hypermass.
  • “Tzenkethi-Front”: Rodek coordinates the Alliance efforts to defend the Eta Serpentis System.
  • “Arena von Sompek”: Rodek fungiert als Ansager für die Arena von Sompek.
  • “Grenzkriege”: Der Spieler begleitet Rodek, um General Martok aus einer Son'a-Einrichtung im Briar Patch zu retten, in der er von Torg festgehalten wird. Mit Hilfe von Kavat'kara, einem Jem'Hadar-Gefangenen, entkommen sie dem Gefängnis. Nach ihrer Flucht informiert Martok Rodek über seine wahre Abstammung als Sohn von Mogh und schwört, das Haus des Mogh wieder an seinen Platz im Hohen Rat zu bringen. Rodek gibt zu, dass es für ihn schwierig ist, die Wahrheit über sein Erbe zu erfahren.
  • “Skylla und Charybdis”: Kurn schließt sich dem Spieler zur Verteidigung von Bajor an.
  • “Sturmwolken ziehen auf”: Kurn kann auf dem Bündnisgipfel konsultiert werden.

Andere Beteiligung[]

  • "A Gathering of Wills": Rodek meets with Colonel Taanu of the Lukari Security Force. He compliments Taanu on the strength of his forces, and provides him with intelligence on Tzenkethi activity. Taanu confirms that the Lukari have determined that the Tzenkethi are using Protomatter weaponry, and have detonated several devices along the Alpha Quadrant frontier. Taanu speculates that the Tzenkethi may be testing their weapon in advance of deploying it against the Alliance. Taanu states that the Lukari will be sending their new flagship to investigate the protomatter activity, though he is displeased with the design compromises made as a result of Captain Kuumaarke's advocacy of scientific capabilities. Rodek assures Taanu that he will personally lead a Klingon force to accompany the Lukari ship on its mission.
  • "Tale of the Witch": Rodek and his wife, B'irja, travel to Nimbus III in search of Adet'pa, a Klingon woman known locally as a "witch." They discover the cave she lives in, and she invites them inside for a meal. Adet'pa correctly deduces that they have sought her out to learn the truth behind J'mpok's duel with Martok in 2393. She reveals that Torg intervened after J'mpok delivered what should have been the killing blow, taking Martok prisoner and maintaining him in a near-death state. Torg did this in order to install J'mpok as Chancellor; later, he would undermine J'mpok and assume the role himself, with the ultimate goal of establishing himself as a new Emperor. Adet'pa had been discredited and exiled to prevent her from sharing her knowledge of these events. She tells Rodek and B'irja that she will tell them where Martok is being kept, if they agree to bring her back to Klingon space and arrange for asylum within the House of Martok.
  • "New Featured Episode: Brushfire": Rodek prepares the Kor to depart on a mission to rescue Martok from the Son'a. Lady Sirella, who helped him plan the operation before it was presented to J'mpok and the High Council, visits him, and she urges him to, if it comes to it, send his ship to the edge of the Briar Patch to make Torg pay for the death of M'ven.
  • "A Warrior Reborn": At Starfleet Medical, Doctor Oskar Mazur is able to restore General Rodek's original memories as Kurn, with input from the original surgeon who had removed them, Julian Bashir. Following cosmetic surgery to restore his original appearance, Kurn meets with his wife, B'irja, and his brother, Worf. Kurn tells Worf that if Martok restores the House of Mogh, he will not contest Worf's right to lead it. Kurn states that he will honor his debt to the House of Noggra, who took him in as Rodek, and treated him well. Kurn says he intends to move to the Alpha Quadrant after he recovers from his surgery, intending to continue the fight against the Tzenkethi. He suggests that he and his family may settle aboard Deep Space 9. Worf warns Kurn that enemies within the Klingon Empire will be moving against them in retaliation for the rescue of Martok.


  • Kurn is voiced by Tony Todd, the same actor who played Rodek/Kurn in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine.
  • Another Klingon named Rodek is present in the game, and prior to Season 12 it was unknown whether this was the same character, though it is now known they are entirely different characters.
  • Kurn can be seen at DS9's replimat for players who have completed “Grenzkriege”.


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