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Martok wurde in den armen Ketha Lowlands auf Qo'noS geboren und wurde zum Oberhaupt des Haus von Martok und arbeitete sich in den Reihen des klingonischen Militärs hoch und diente schließlich von 2375 als Kanzler des Klingonischer Hoher Rat bis zu seinem offensichtlichen Tod durch J'mpok im Jahr 2393.

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  • 2375: After Worf kills Gowron, Martok becomes the new Chancellor of the Klingon Empire. Later this year, Martok, together with his Federation and Romulan allies, conquers Cardassia Prime, thereby ending the war against the Dominion.
  • 2383: The Klingon Empire and the Federation are in disagreement over the morality concerning the former's violent takeover of Khitomer from the Romulans. Several Klingon High Council members demand that Chancellor Martok banish all Federation ambassadors from Klingon space. Martok refuses, causing Councilor Qolka to challenge him in (and subsequently lose) a duel of honor to the death.
  • 2384: Chancellor Martok expels Gorn diplomats from the empire and orders ships to the Klingon/Gorn border after a brief clash between both forces.
  • 2385: The Klingon Empire announces that all non-Klingons must leave Khitomer within 14 standard days as a "safety measure". Captain Jean-Luc Picard convinces Chancellor Martok to extend the deadline and leads a contingent of ships to assist in the evacuation of former residents to Federation colonies.
  • 2386: The Klingon-Gorn standoff escalates into open conflict. Worf makes a personal appeal to his friend Chancellor Martok to end hostilities, but he admits that it will be a long process.
  • 2387: The Hobus star goes supernova. The resulting chain reaction destroys Romulus and Remus. Billions of Romulans are killed. In his grief and rage, a Romulan called Nero attacks Klingon ships and Chancellor Martok orders a fleet to enter Romulan space. He appoints his friend Worf as one of the mission's commanders, giving him the rank of General for the mission. Although Worf survives, the fleet is destroyed.
  • 2388: The Federation's appeal to the Klingon Empire to join the relief convoys to Romulan space is harshly rejected by Martok: "The Klingons will offer no treaty, no aid, and no hand that is not holding a blade." Hard-liners led by J'mpok demand that both the Romulans and the Federation be made to pay for the destruction of the fleet led into Romulan space by Worf. Some claim that Martok handing command of the fleet to his friend Worf, a Federation ambassador, rather than a general of the Klingon Defense Force, was part of a Starfleet plot. Martok rejects such insinuations and ultimately refuses calls to retaliate against the Federation. Also occupying Martok's time this year is a possible treaty with the Orions.
  • 2389: Internal strife divides the Klingon noble houses leading to Chancellor Martok formally dissolving the House of Mo'kai.
  • 2390: Chancellor Martok announces that the Klingons will not participate in any peace-talks with the Gorn unless Starfleet withdraws all of its ships from the Romulan-Klingon border.
  • 2391: With the Federation withdrawn from the Romulan border, Chancellor Martok agrees to honor his promise to participate in Federation-mediated peace talks with the Gorn. Representatives from the Klingons, Gorn and Nausicaans converge on Deep Space K-7 for the conference, and the Federation sends some of its most celebrated diplomats to facilitate the talks.
  • 2392: Three weeks into the talks, representatives for the Klingons and Gorn are still haggling over the official agenda for negotiations, and even a personal appeal to Chancellor Martok by Federation Ambassador Worf has failed to speed up the process. The Federation Council meets in emergency session to debate of possible incentives the Federation could offer the Gorn and Klingons, but all peace efforts collapse when a Gorn and Nausicaan fleet attacks the Klingon world of Ogat. The Klingons denounce the attack as dishonorable and Martok formally pulls the Empire out of all peace negotiations. Hardliners inlcuding J'mpok demand even more aggressive action against the Gorn, but Martok councils caution, preferring to keep the Gorn out of Klingon space until a new fleet of warships can be launched. J'mpok subsequently denounces him as a "weak old man, hiding in his bed instead of meeting all challengers on the field of battle." One of the major houses openly supporting J'mpok is the House of Torg, a former ally of the House of Duras.
  • 2393: J'mpok becomes Chancellor of the Klingon High Council by killing Martok under questionable circumstances in an honor duel.

In Missionen beteiligt[]

Martok claims victory over Torg

  • “Grenzkriege”: In 2410, Alliance intelligence learns that Martok is not dead. The player accompanies General Rodek to rescue Martok from a Son'a facility in the Briar Patch, where he is being held by Torg. Aided by Kavat'kara, a Jem'Hadar prisoner, they escape the prison. During the battle in orbit, Martok is able to beam to Torg's vessel, the I.K.S. Charghwi'. Martok slays Torg in combat, and claims the Charghwi' as his own. Later, he informs Rodek of his true lineage as a Son of Mogh, vows to restore the House of Mogh, and declares that he will not seek the Chancellorship from J'mpok. Instead, he pledges to help the Alliance in their fight against the Tzenkethi.
  • “Roter Alarm: Tzenkethi”: The Tzenkethi have found a new way to Protomatter-bomb planets using torpedoes and they must be stopped.
  • “Skylla und Charybdis”: Martok joins the player in defending Bajor against the Tzenkethi and subsequently the Hur'q.
  • “Sturmwolken ziehen auf”: General Martok, being accompanied by his wife Sirella, can be consulted at the Alliance summit on the Hur'q threat aboard Deep Space 9.
  • “Nach Hause”: Martok, wielding the Sword of Kahless, leads a Klingon fleet in the battle for Empersa and commands a landing party engaging Hur'q forces on the surface. After the battle, the player speaks with Martok at Quark's Bar where he expresses disbelief that the Ferengi were responsible for returning the Sword, and admiration for Worf for rallying the Empire to fully engage the Hur'q.
  • “Es gibt kein Zentrum mehr”: Martok is present at the Great Hall during J'Ula's meeting with the Klingon High Council. When asked about the situation inside the Empire, he comments that J'mpok is running out of allies in the brewing conflict, and hints that he intends to settle things with the Chancellor at some point, but that for the moment, J'mpok has his support. J'Ula greets him when she enters the hall and later calls out J'mpok during her speech for stealing his position as Chancellor while Martok still lives. He aids the player in the defeat of House Mo'Kai and Klingon Rebel forces after the meeting.
  • “Der Khitomer-Konflikt”: J'mpok sends Martok to aid the player in the hunt for J'Ula and her House Mo'Kai forces on Khitomer System. Martok first aids the player in the defense of the A.F.S. Khitomer commanded by Captain Kagran before beaming down. After speaking to the various faction representatives and Chairman Ksenneta, they travel toward the lower levels via signal tracing where they interrogate and capture J'Ula's forces. They then confront and fight J'Ula and Aakar, whereupon Aakar retreats while J'Ula is captured. With the help of Adet'pa, after J'Ula explains the situation, they managed to get out of the lower levels back upstairs where they defeat Klingon forces led by Ja'rod, who were sent by J'mpok. Martok swears that J'mpok will no longer have allies when everyone finds out what he has done. After J'mpok launches a mycelial weapon on Khitomer, Martok aids the player in rescuing survivors while they head to the transporter room, protecting Adet'pa in the process as she gets the transporter running before beaming up to their ships. In orbit, Captains Kagran, Va'Kel Shon and Koren warp in where J'mpok silences the player before they can explain the situation and dishonorably accuses them of betraying the Alliance and joining House Mo'Kai. Refusing to stand down with the player, Martok orders to disable the flagships and their forces instead of destroying them, while remarking that they fight like Klingons. Koren or Shon, depending on the player's faction, informs the player that J'mpok will soon declare everyone, including Martok, an enemy of the Empire and advises them to leave Khitomer, lie low, and wait for their signal once it is safe to return.
  • “Am besten Kalt serviert”: Together with Kagran who commands the A.F.S. Khitomer, Martok coordinates the efforts against House Mo'Kai forces led by Aakar as they attempt a prison break on Rura Penthe.

Andere Beteiligung[]

  • Barde B'Alea gibt Informationen zu dem Hintergrund zu Martok und sein Duel mit J'mpok.
  • "Cold Dishes": Klingon Commander Korok meets with Torg to ask about a prisoner they have been holding for the past seventeen years, whom they are preparing to transfer to new owners.
  • "Tale of the Witch": General Rodek and his wife, B'irja, travel to Nimbus III in search of Adet'pa, a Klingon woman known locally as a "witch." They discover the cave she lives in, and she invites them inside for a meal. Adet'pa correctly deduces that they have sought her out to learn the truth behind J'mpok's duel with Martok in 2393. She reveals that Torg intervened after J'mpok delivered what should have been the killing blow, taking Martok prisoner and maintaining him in a near-death state. Torg did this in order to install J'mpok as Chancellor; later, he would undermine J'mpok and assume the role himself, with the ultimate goal of establishing himself as a new Emperor. Adet'pa had been discredited and exiled to prevent her from sharing her knowledge of these events. She tells Rodek and B'irja that she will tell them where Martok is being kept, if they agree to bring her back to Klingon space and arrange for asylum within the House of Martok.
  • "qa'wI' 'oy'Hey": Martok confronts Chancellor J'mpok on his refusal to commit the Empire to combating the threat of the newly-emerged Hur'q. J'mpok reminds Martok of the heavy price the Empire has paid for joining the Alliance against other major threats to the galaxy such as the Undine and Iconians. Martok however believes he is acting dishonorably and seems ready to challenge him for his cowardice, but is placated when J'mpok authorizes Martok to organize and lead a volunteer force to engage the Hur'q.



  • Martok can be seen at DS9's replimat for players who have completed “Grenzkriege”.

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