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Klingonische VerteidigungsstreitmachtS'taass
Sam A. Mowry

Botschafter S'taass ist ein Diplomat, der das Klingonisches Reich vertritt. Er steht am Eingang der Großen Halle. In 2409 entsendet ihn das Reich auf diplomatische Missionen nach Khitomer und Deep Space 9.

In Missionen beteiligt[]

  • “Wendepunkt”: S'taass is part of the Klingon delegation attending the conference on Khitomer regarding the establishment of the Romulan Republic's capital on New Romulus.
  • “Zweite Welle”: On Deep Space 9, the player informs Ambassador S'taass about the delay of the conference on the Borg threat. Later on, S'taass has to be persuaded to form a pact with the other Alpha Quadrant powers when the station is suddenly attacked by the Dominion. During the battle, S'taass and the other dignitaries are evacuated, with S'taass engaging numerous Jem'Hadar in battle alongside the player.
    • S'taass gibt 3 optionale Dienstoffizier-Aufträge während dieser Mission.
      • “Plant Listening Devices”
      • “Find Section 31”
      • “Track V.I.P.s”
  • “Oberflächenspannung”: In early 2410, S'taass is part of a Klingon delegation meeting at the Jenolan Dyson Sphere to discuss the Undine threat. He claims that the Empire has long known about the dangers of the Undine and that the Federation has only now taken action because the Undine are posing a danger to the sphere.
  • “Die Temporale Front”: S'taass is present at the Alliance Summit on New Romulus.

Andere Beteiligung[]

  • "Conquests": Kuumaarke meets with Ambassador S'taass aboard the Lukari space station Orbital. Frustrated, she explains the conflict and political interference surrounding her administration of the station, and the development of the Lukari starship. S'tass advises her to harness the conflicting interests in the project and turn them to her advantage, by placing the politically-appointed members of her staff into positions where she can control the outcome of their actions. He also informs her that he has brought her an older Gorn vessel to command.

Gab ehemaligs folgende Missionen[]

  • “Glad Handing the Great Hall”: Ambassador S'taass has the player make contact with members of the political elite on Qo'noS, including the Deferi Ambassador and intelligence officer Temek.


Level Schwierigkeit: Normal Schwierigkeit: Schwer Schwierigkeit: Elite
Schilde Gesundheit Schilde Gesundheit Schilde Gesundheit
29 -1 1,237 - - - -
50 -1 2,617 - - - -



  • According to a tweet from Al Rivera from February 11, 2012, "Cobra Commander" is the voice actor of S'taass in "Second Wave" (Tweet Feb. 11). However, it is actually Sam A. Mowry, known for their roles as the Shopkeeper in Dota 2 and Alexander of Brennenburg in Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

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