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Virinat Kolonie

Virinat ist der primäre Planet von dem Virinat-System und - bis 2409 - der Ort einer unabhängigen romulanischen Kolonie.


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Virinat was originally an agricultural colony, growing food for the Romulan Star Empire. After the destruction of Romulus in 2387, thousands of refugees flooded the planet, which the colony was unable to accommodate causing major damage to the settlement. Most of the refugees left, and the remaining colonists decided to try to rebuild.

Around 2399, a T'liss Light Warbird commanded by Malem entered orbit, looking for a place to call home. He and his crew decided to stay on Virinat, and contributed greatly to the welfare of the colony. Malem became the Maiori, Nevala the head of security, and D'Vex the chief engineer. The colony has prospered since then, and every year a festival called the Tapping is held to celebrate what has been achieved.

Unbeknownst to many of the Virinat colonists, Maiori Malem maintained covert communications with D'Tan, figurehead of the Romulan Republic, who provided the colony with vital water reclamation equipment, and smuggled ship parts to the colony. In return, the colony's engineers provided repairs to damaged ships from the Romulan Flotilla.

Beteiligte Missionen[]

  • Maiori Malem gives a speech at "The Tapping" festival

    “Ein Tag auf der Farm” & “Ein Tag in der Sonne”: In early 2409, two weeks before the Borg attack on Vega Kolonie, Romulan Republic players explore Virinat, meet some of its residents, and learn about the Romulans' current situation in the quadrant.
  • “Virinat, Eingedrungen”: During the Tapping festival, Virinat comes under attack by the Tal Shiar and their Elachi allies.
  • Virinat under attack

    “Flug von Virinat”: The player and Tovan Khev escape the carnage on the surface and board Malem's old warbird, using it to save some of the fleeing colonists from the Tal Shiar.
  • “In Erinnerung schwelgen”: Romulan Republic players return to the ruins of Virinat to investigate claims about the colony having been a covert Romulan Republic terrorist base. Although no evidence for any terrorist activity can be found, Malem's past communications with D'Tan are uncovered.
  • Virinat, deserted after the invasion

    Sternenflotte“Schattenspiel”: Months later, Föderation players visit the ruins of Virinat to investigate a surviving former resident's claim, that the Tal Shiar were responsible for the destruction of the colony. After evidence is discovered implying the Elachi also participated in the attack, the player has to defend Neu Romulus against a major attack.


  • Der Spieler, wenn er als Romulaner spielt
  • Avrak (Farmer)
  • D'Vex (Techniker, später von Station Alpha gerettet)
  • D'Nal (später von Station Alpha gerettet)
  • D'Ral (Historiker/Geschichtenerzähler, später von Station Alpha gerettet)
  • Ekkhae (später von Station Alpha gerettet)
  • Ejiul
  • Hvaid
  • Tovan Khev (Sicherheit)
  • Khiy
  • Maiori Malem (Kolonie Oberhaupot)
  • Nevala (Leiter der Sicherheit)
  • Rai (Überlebender bei der Hfihar Mine)
  • Relken (Überlebender auf Cirini Prime)
  • Rh'vaurek (Farmer, später von Station Alpha gerettet)
  • S'Tokkr
  • T'Sak
  • Taibak
  • Teeshav (später von Station Alpha gerettet)
  • Vorian


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