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Epic Ground Weapon
Character Bind On Pickup
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

Licorice Smack
Damages Snowmen
Licorice Barrage
Damages Snowmen
Value: {{}}
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"Vine" is a type of Ground Weapon acquired exclusively in Q's Winter Wonderland.

Another unique form of weaponized confection has appeared for use on Q's Winter Wonderland. This strange concoction appears to be inspired by standard Ferengi weaponry, combining a primitive melee weapon with the ability to send projectiles flying at distant foes when properly wielded.

This weapon only functions within Q's Winter Wonderland, is only usable against snowmen and can't cause critical damage.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

"Vine" is a Ground Weapon obtained from the Holiday Item Vendor in Q's Winter Wonderland.

Cost[edit | edit source]

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