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100% Discount Coupon: Tier 6 Ship
Epic Inventory
Account Bind On Pickup

This Coupon allows you to claim a single Tier 6 Starship* in the Zen Store.

Navigate to the Zen Store to review the selection of Starships available to you. To navigate to the Zen Store, you can click on the "Zen small iconSTORE" button attached to the bottom of your minimap.

* Some exclusions may apply. Ships found in the New Items section of the Zen Store cannot be purchased with this coupon. (Event Version Only)
Value: 0 Energy credit icon
100% Discount Coupon - Tier 6 Ship icon
Epic icon

The 100% Discount Coupon: Tier 6 Ship is an item that debuted alongside the Operation Riposte Featured Task Force Operation. It allows a single purchase of a ship from the Zen Store for free.

Acquisition[ | ]

Main Article: Special Event#Event Campaigns

There are two versions of the 100% Discount Coupon: Tier 6 Ship, one of which is earned from Event Campaigns, the other from Zen Store purchases. Ships in the New section of the Zen Store are not available with the Event version of the coupon, these are typically the most recently released ships. The Zen Store version does not share this limitation. Additionally, the Event Coupons are normally Account-Bound, while Zen Store versions are normally tradable (except for a few exceptions, e.g. bundles) with other players directly. They cannot be sold on the exchange. The first run for the item was done during 2019 with the following queues as part of the rotation. This run of it was only available on PC:

50 Event Progress (originally named Coupon Progress Tokens) were earned for each run of the queue with a cooldown of 20 hours between acquiring them. During Bonus Progress Token Weekends, this is doubled to 100, but there have been no Bonus Weekends since then. The first event required 3000 Event Progress and the subsequent event required 2100 Event Progress. For the most recent event, the Coupon was released on Console and PC, and was bundled with 200 Lobi Crystal icon, with the total amount required being 2800.

Additionally, Event Campaign Progress is part of Featured Event Buyouts. For the first event, 500 Event Progress was included along with 10 Featured TFO Commendations and an [Ultimate Tech Upgrade].

Notes[ | ]

  • A ship bought with this token will be unlocked for the entire account like regular Zen Store ship purchases.