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Enterprise Rescue

The U.S.S. Enterprise, one of the most famous Starfleet ships of the 23rd century

The 23rd Century is a span of 100 Earth years that started in 2201 and ended in 2300. The century is defined by several conflicts among the powers of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants of the Galaxy. Despite constant threats, the United Federation of Planets faces an unprecedented growth and advancement of science and society.

The 23rd century is the starting point for both the DSC Starfleet and TOS Starfleet factions, as well as the settings of several missions for other factions.

Timeline[ | ]

2201-2249[ | ]

2245[ | ]

  • Starfleet and Klingon forces fight the Battle of Donatu V
  • The U.S.S. Enterprise is commissioned under the command of Robert T. April

2250s (Star Trek: Discovery)[ | ]

2250[ | ]

2256[ | ]

USS Glenn

The U.S.S. Glenn in service during the Federation-Klingon War

2257[ | ]

  • As the Federation-Klingon War rages on, more than 20% of Federation territory is lost and Starfleet expects to lose the war.
  • Starbase 1 is lost to Klingon Forces of House D'Ghor, while matriarch J'Ula and several Starfleet officers disappear during the battle. ( “Downfall”)
  • Following an intervention by the U.S.S. Discovery, the new Klingon chancellor L'Rell agrees to a cease fire between the Klingon Empire and the Federation, ending the Federation-Klingon War.
  • Control, a Section 31 AI, goes rogue and attempts to acquire an ancient archive (referred to as "The Sphere Data") to become fully sentient. In an attempt to find answers, the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery trap an entity known as the "Red Angel" on Essof IV. Eventually, the Discovery and the Enterprise fight off Control until the Discovery can be propelled 1000 years into the future to protect The Sphere Data. ( “The Measure of Morality (Part 1)”)

2260s (Star Trek: The Original Series)[ | ]

2265[ | ]

Drozana Station 2265

Drozana Station in pristine condition

2266[ | ]

2267[ | ]

Paradise Lost

Paradise City on Nimbus III is established in 2267

2268[ | ]

2270s (Star Trek Online: Agents of Yesterday-Star Trek I)[ | ]

2270[ | ]

Bull by the Horns

Natives of Taurus II attacking a crashed Federation starship in 2270

2271[ | ]

2280 to 2299 (Star Trek II-IV)[ | ]

2285[ | ]

Federation Advanced Heavy Cruiser

The Excelsior class is commissioned in 2285

2286[ | ]

2287[ | ]

2289[ | ]

2293[ | ]

2294[ | ]

Alternate realities[ | ]

  • The Kelvin Timeline, Nero's Narada and Spock's Jellyfish emerge in 2233 from the late 24th Century and alter historic events from that point onwards.
  • In an alternate reality created by the Na'kuhl meddling of the Babel Conference, the Federation annexed Coridan, and by 2270 the situation has degraded further with an opposition movement taking hostages. ( “Return to Babel”)
  • In another alternate timeline, this time created by a Na'kuhl attack on the Tholians in 2268, Tholians began mobilizing their troops in 2270 against the Federation thinking they had been responsible for the unprovoked attacked two years earlier. ( “Tangled Webs”)

Other notable events[ | ]


Spock was born (and reborn) in the 23rd century

Births[ | ]

Deaths[ | ]

First Contacts (United Federation of Planets)[ | ]

Official[ | ]

Starship classes[ | ]

Class F Shuttle

Class F Shuttles were in service for Starfleet during the 23rd century

Missions[ | ]

Some missions below are playable beyond the faction indicated, but only as a simulation and hence do not technically take place in the 23rd century. Other simulations set in the 23rd century are available beyond those listed here.

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