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2409 is the year during which the events of Star Trek Online are set up until the mission “Cold Storage”.


Led by D'Tan the Romulan Republic establishes New Romulus as its new homeworld.

The Federation colony world Vega IX is assimilated by the Borg.

Early events[]

Thalaron Investigation[]

  • The Federation and Klingons send crews to Nimbus III to track down thalaron triggers.
  • Empress Sela attempts an invasion of Vulcan.
  • The Romulan Star Empire is found to be experimenting with Borg technology.
  • Former Empress Taris is captured and her Iconian gateway destroyed after her involvement in the Hobus supernova is discovered.
  • Reman with aid from Federation/Klingon forces, defeat Sela and Hakeev's base on Brea III.
    • Sela is kidnapped by the Iconians.

Later events[]

The below could potentially take place in 2410.

Mission order[]

Notable deaths[]

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