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2411 is the year in which Star Trek Online´s events following (and including) the missions “The Measure of Morality (Part 1)” and The Measure of Morality (Part 2) take place.

Events[ | ]

The Excalbian Trials[ | ]

Heroe Ships

Excalbian simulacrums of past ships against the rogue Excalbian Borg Queen simulacrum and her fleet.

At the beginning of the year, crew of an Alliance starship was kidnapped by the Excalbians to participate in their trials of good vs evil. An Alliance captain, accompanied by Seven of Nine and a simulacrum of Michael Burnham, was forced to take part in several simulations created by the Excalbians, some of which were based on their own recent missions (such as the bombing of Iconia and battle of Procyon V).

Eventually the trials went sideways, with the "forces of evil", led by the simulated Borg Collective, taking control of the simulations and attempting to take over the Excalbian planet. They were stopped with the help of simulacrums of the famed Federation starships.

Klingon Civil War[ | ]

Main article: Klingon Civil War.
Klingon Civil War

The Klingon Civil War between House Mo'Kai, Klingon Defense Force and the Khitomer Alliance.

J'Ula's entry into the 25th Century caused a rift within the Klingon Empire over its direction and J'mpok's leadership. Using a little-known Klingon law to reinstate House Mo'Kai, she addressed the High Council and rallied other Klingons to her cause. Following skirmishes at the Great Hall and various systems, J'Ula went back into hiding, but is discovered on Khitomer by an Alliance captain, accompanied by General Martok. Aakar betrays J'Ula and forms an alliance with J'mpok, who then launches a mycelial weapon on Khitomer, damaging its facilities and killing numerous delegates. Fortunately, the Alliance captain, Martok, J'Ula and Adet'pa were able to rescue a few survivors and escape. J'mpok later accuses the Alliance captain for committing the crime, forcing them to go into hiding and allying themselves with House Mo'Kai.

J'mpok began sending various operatives to hunt down the Alliance captain, General Martok, J'Ula and Adet'pa. Some time later, Adet'pa discovered the source of the evidence on J'mpok's attack on Khitomer, prompting them to emerge from hiding. Their presence on Nimbus III and the Gorath System were communicated to J'mpok and he sends forces to engage them. Despite the efforts broadcasting the evidence, the various Klingon Houses lost trust in the Empire and returned to their own homes. J'mpok dismisses the Klingon High Council and proclaims himself 'Emperor' of the Klingon Empire.

The Alliance captain, accompanied by General Martok, Matriach J'Ula and Captain Adet'pa, went on a pilgrimage to Boreth where J'Ula undertakes and experiences various trials and visions. With the aid of Tenavik, they journeyed to Gre'thor to seek out the soul of Chancellor L'Rell to unite the Great Houses. They first landed themselves in Koth where Martok reunites with Gowron, who leads them to the Barge of the Dead and eventually Gre'thor. Before J'Ula could finish her offer, Gowron offered his soul in exchange for L'Rell's to Fek'lhr whom which he accepts, but eventually agreed to J'Ula's new offer of Aakar and J'mpok's souls in exchange for Gowron's freedom. With the rebirth of L'Rell, the Fek'Ihri return to attack Boreth, but are stopped when L'Rell sends a galaxy-wide call aboard her new flagship, uniting Klingons to join the fight and saving Boreth.

L'Rell (Clone)

L'Rell, Chancellor of the Klingon High Council since 2411.

The Alliance captain and their allies travel around to rally warriors from various Klingon systems for the final battle on Qo'noS. After disabling J'mpok's flagship and defeating his forces in orbit, they beam down to the surface fighting ground troops and breaking through Aakar's shielding around the city. Aakar lures J'Ula into a duel to the death with J'mpok while he confronts the rest after wounding Martok, who hands the Sword of Kahless to L’Rell before retreating. The Alliance captain and L'Rell, with the help of Adet'pa, break through his shields and personal transporters, thus allowing the Alliance captain to kill Aakar just as J'mpok falls to J'Ula. J'Ula passes the Chancellorship to L'Rell, Fek'lhr releases Gowron from Gre'thor to Sto-vo-kor and everyone gathers at the Great Hall for a celebration event two weeks following the fall of J'mpok.

KCW end

The conclusion of the Klingon Civil War of 2411.

The Khitomer Alliance aids in the reconstruction of Qo'noS and pledges readiness if another tyrant were to set their eyes on the Federation, the Republic or the Dominion. While many of his people have assumed their former lives in the mycelial network, Tarsev has been requested to serve in the Alliance as an ambassador of the Liberated Elachi instead. Furthermore, J'Ula, with her people incorporated into the Alliance as well, takes on the role of Chancellor L'Rell's Torchbearer moving forward.

Terran Gambit[ | ]

Admiral Leeta returns to the Prime Universe to warn the Alliance about the Emperor's plans. Furthermore, the Terran Empire has expanded their diversity with Kuumaarke and an the Inquisitor serving aboard their ranks. The Terran Empire later sends a team comprising of the Inquisitor, Marshal Kathryn Janeway, Captain Kuumaarke and Captain Killy to raid Jupiter Station in the Sol System to steal the recently reappeared Ilia for the Emperor. Following the raid however, the Inquistor, Killy and Kuumaarke betray Marshal Janeway to keep the prize for themselves, forcing the latter to seek asylum and explain the reason behind the raid to Admiral Janeway onboard Voyager.

Mirror Player

The Alliance captain’s mirror universe counterpart.

An Alliance captain infiltrates Terran Spacedock and rescues Ilia, engaging the Inquisitor, Captain Killy and Captain Kuumaarke, with Janeway reclaiming command of Voyager. With information via Rae'Yeet, the Inquisitor and Killy lead a Terran force on Pahvo in preparation for the Emperor's arrival while the Alliance captain boards the Enterprise and defeats Kuumaarke, allowing Leeta to regain command of her flagship. Ilia, having awoken, explains that V'Ger discovered the existence of its mirror counterpart, the Other, and the Emperor wishes to use it for his own means. Redirecting her connection from V'Ger to the Other, Ilia attempts to sooth its rage, but to no avail. The Alliance engages a battle with the Terran Empire in orbit of Pahvo, but are immobilized by the arrival of Emperor Wesley Crusher. While the Alliance is preoccupied with Terran ships, he, the Inquisitor and Tilly head into The Other and merges with it at its core while Tilly and the Inquisitor battles Leeta, who is utilizing the Pah-wraiths. Before Tilly could kill Leeta, the latter convinced the Inquisitor about the danger of Emperor Crusher. They kill Tilly and escape The Other with Leeta while formulating a plan to deal with Emperor Crusher.


The Alliance briefing before the final battle in the Sol System against the Terran Empire.

As a last resort, Admiral Quinn calls the Alliance for a briefing on Earth Spacedock just as The Other slowly closes in the Sol System. The Inquisitor has established contact with Dr. Beverly Crusher, Wesley's mother, to provide the countermeasures to deal with her son. During the battle in Sol, the Bortasqu' and the Lleiset along with Jupiter and Mars were digitized by The Other, forcing the Alliance to fall back to Earth and make their last stand. Before Earth is digitized, Ilia arrived in time with V'Ger to hold off The Other's attacks. Captain Shon, the Inquisitor, Leeta, Dr. Crusher and the Alliance captain enter The Other and managed to stop Emperor Crusher, allowing the latter to come to his senses after nearly killing his mother. The Alliance celebrates the end of the battle, but not without warning that the next time they face the Terran Empire, it would be as enemies.    

Notable deaths[ | ]

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