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The 24th Century is a span of 100 Earth years that started in 2301 and ended in 2400. The first half of the century marks a notable period of relative peace in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants of the Galaxy. The latter half is marked by several conflicts, catastrophes and devastating wars, shaking the foundations of many of the Alpha Quadrant's major powers.

Timeline[ | ]

2301-2350[ | ]

2311[ | ]

2315[ | ]

2327[ | ]

2328[ | ]

2332[ | ]

2343[ | ]

2344[ | ]

USS Enterprise-C

The U.S.S. Enterprise-C is destroyed in 2344

2345[ | ]

  • After becoming the consort of a Romulan General, Natasha Yar gives birth to Sela.

2346[ | ]

2347[ | ]

2349[ | ]

  • Natasha Yar is secretly moved to a Romulan internment camp, following an unsuccessful escape attempt from Romulus; her daughter Sela is told by her father that her mother was executed for her actions.

2351-2370[ | ]

This decade follows the events of Star Trek: The Next Generation and the first part of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

2351[ | ]

DS9 Space Wiki2

Terok Nor is built as a mining facility in orbit of Bajor in 2351

2353[ | ]

2354[ | ]

  • The U.S.S. Raven sets out to investigate rumors about the Borg and dissappears.

2361[ | ]

2364[ | ]

Enterprise D

The U.S.S. Enterprise-D is launched in 2364

  • The U.S.S. Enterprise-D is commissioned under the command of Jean-Luc Picard.
  • The Romulan Star Empire comes out of isolation after several Federation and Romulan outposts along the Federation-Romulan Neutral Zone are destroyed by the Borg.
  • Starfleet Command and other high ranking officers are infected by neural parasites, who manipulate them in order to prepare the Federation for an invasion. Although the crew of the Enterprise-D uncover the conspiracy, the mother creature of the parasites is able to send a signal out to unknown space before being killed.

2365[ | ]

Wolf 359 Memorial

The Battle of Wolf 359 is seen as a turning point of the 24th century

2366[ | ]

2367[ | ]

2368[ | ]

  • Joshua Albert, a member of the Nova Squadron dies in a flight training accident.
  • The House of Duras is supported by the Romulan Empire during the Klingon Civil War.
  • Ambassador Spock assists an underground movement on Romulus, hoping to initiate reunification of the Vulcan and Romulan people.
  • Hugh is the only survivor of a Borg scout ship that cashed on a planet in the Argolis Cluster; he is discovered by the Enterprise-D and becomes the first drone to be liberated from the Collective.

2369[ | ]

Jenolan Dyson Sphere interior

Starfleet begins officially exploring the Jenolan Dyson Sphere in 2369

2370[ | ]

2371-2380[ | ]

This decade follows the latter part of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the entirety of Star Trek: Voyager and the Next Generation feature films. Events prefixed with Δ take place in the Delta Quadrant and do not intersect with events in the rest of the galaxy.

2371[ | ]

USS Voyager

U.S.S. Voyager is lost in the Delta Quadrant soon after its launch in 2371

2372[ | ]

2373[ | ]

2374[ | ]

2375[ | ]

Bajoran treaty

The Treaty of Bajor is signed on Deep Space Nine in 2375

2376[ | ]

2378[ | ]

2379[ | ]

Starfleet 2399

From Data's resurrection onwards, all events described here are exclusively the backstory of Star Trek Online and does not feature on screen. Some events may conflict with new canon established in Star Trek: Picard.

  • Data is revived when a back-up of his consciousness takes over B-4, the prototype of Soong-type androids.
    • This timing for Data's resurrection conflicts with the later date in the main Star Trek Online lore. This earlier date originates from the prequel comic for Star Trek (2009).
  • The Romulan government falls into disarray following the death of Praetor Shinzon. Tal'aura is now the self-appointed Praetor of the Romulan Star Empire, supported by Fleet Commander Tomalak, but opposed by Commander Donatra.
    • The Remans, represented by Colonel Xiomek of the Kepeszuk Battalion, demand a new location on which Remans may settle and live independently, but are met with resistance from Tal'aura.
The above events seem to be inspired by, if not taken directly from, the A Time To... and Star Trek: Titan series of Star Trek novels.

2380[ | ]

  • Romulan forces begin a blockade of Remus.
  • The Federation funds the Andak project, which is met with resistance from certain xenophobic groups such as the True Way, but supported by governmental adviser Elim Garak. The project aims to transform the barren desert climate of Cardassia Prime into an environment that can support sufficient crops to feed its population.
  • Ro Laren surrenders herself to Starfleet authorities, pleads guilty to charges of desertion and defection to the Maquis, and is ordered to serve time at a penal facility on Earth.

2381-2390[ | ]

Events from 2379 onwards are from the canon of Star Trek Online and are not mentioned on-screen. As it was written before the airing of Star Trek: Picard, some details may conflict with the new canon of Star Trek.

2381[ | ]

Romulan Star Empire
  • While monitoring the deteriorating state of the Romulan Star Empire, the United Federation of Planets offers humanitarian aid to both Romulus and Remus.
    • Xiomek allies with Ambassador Spock's Unification movement on Romulus, seeing it as another population that has been exploited by the Romulan government. On stardate 59480.33, Spock presents a formal request for aid for the Unification movement to the Federation Council; the latter agrees to take the matter under consideration.
    • Commander Donatra and her military forces conquer several agricultural worlds in Romulan space, declaring herself the first empress of the Imperial Romulan State. She establishes a capital on Achernar Prime.
Other Events
  • Captain Jean-Luc Picard is appointed by Starfleet to lead the defense against the possible threat of renewed Borg activity in the Alpha Quadrant, including the possibility of a new Borg Queen being recreated. Seven of Nine is called upon to assist in the research of the uses of the technology brought back from the Delta Quadrant by the U.S.S. Voyager to combat or defend against the Borg.
  • Construction of the U.S.S. Stargazer-A commences at the San Francisco Fleet Yards. The Stargazer-A and her sister ships will be the first of a new class of starships designed for scientific research and exploration.

2382[ | ]

Romulan Star Empire
  • The unification movement of Romulus presents its case to the Federation Council for the first time.
  • The takeover of several agricultural planets by the Imperial Romulan State now threatens Romulus with severe food shortages, while the cessation of slave labor on Remus hampers power plant and factory output. Praetor Tal'aura reluctantly accepts food shipments from the Federation, but refuses its offer to mediate negotiations between herself and Empress Donatra, citing it as an internal Romulan matter.
  • Fleet Commander Tomalak, in his attempt at retaking the planets in possession of Donatra, appoints Admiral Taris as his second-in-command and orders her to re-organize and mobilize Romulus' remaining military forces.
  • Tal'aura reforms the Romulan Senate, appointing her supporters as senators. She declines to respond to requests for representation from both the Unification movement and the Remans. The Line of Tellus denounces Tal'aura publically and withdraws its members from government service.
  • The Klingon Empire takes advantage of the weakened state of Romulus by initiating strikes into Romulan space. They retake the Khitomer sector, a move criticized by the Federation Council, but defended by Ambassador K'mtok.
  • Councilor T'Los of Vulcan warns the Federation Council of the unpredictable outcome of a Vulcan/Romulan reunification; however, the council does not reach an official decision on whether to support the movement and votes to table the issue.
  • The Bajoran Coalition continues its urging of the extradition of several Cardassian government and military officials; however, hundreds of the aforementioned Cardassian officials seemingly vanish from Cardassia Prime, which is seen as an attempt to assist fugitives.
Other events
  • Admiral Owen Paris of Starfleet Research and Development orders that the U.S.S. Voyager Doctor's mobile emitter be taken to the Starfleet facility on Galor IV for study. The Doctor files a lawsuit in response; the office of the Judge Advocate General issues an injunction against the transfer of the mobile emitter until the case can be studied further.
  • Ro Laren completes her sentence in the Federation penal colony and returns to Bajor. She accepts a commission in the Bajoran militia and is appointed head of security for Deep Space Nine.
  • A colony is established on Pilatus Prime, but the colonists evacuate six months later due to seismic activity.

2383[ | ]

Romulan Star Empire
  • Praetor Tal'aura imposes limits on replicator use and food rationing on Romulus in an attempt to preserve precious resources for the support of the campaign against Empress Donatra and her Imperial Romulan State.
    • Rioting ensues in the capital of Ki Baratan due to the shortages, lasting several days. Tal'aura orders several military troops to intervene, resulting as many as 2,000 deaths from either rioting or military intervention.
    • Tal'aura is granted several privileges by the Senate, including the ability to declare war without Senate approval.
  • Ambassador Spock returns to Romulus and the Unification movement, which vows to continue to "wage peace" on Romulus.
  • Fleet Commander Tomalak attacks Donatra's fleet at Xanitla, but his forces are defeated in the battle. Admiral Taris and the twelve vessels under her command then defect to the Imperial side.
  • The Cardassian government signs a new agreement with the Federation, which will provide aid and relief. The reconstruction of Lakarian City begins, while a resurgence of interest in ancient lore among Cardassians is set off by several archaeological discoveries on the world.
    • The Oralians start to hold services openly and seek followers among the population, both of which were previously outlawed by the Cardassian Union. The True Way continues to call for a return to a totalitarian state.
Federation-Klingon conflict
  • The Klingon Empire and the Federation are in disagreement over the morality concerning the former's takeover of Khitomer. The Federation Council decides not to formally censure the empire for its miliary action; however, the mere fact that the Council voted on the matter is enough for Qo'noS to temporarily recall its ambassador to the Federation.
    • Several Klingon High Council members demand that Chancellor Martok banish all Federation ambassadors from Klingon space. Martok refuses, causing Councilor Qolka to challenge him in (and subsequently lose) a duel of honor to the death.
Other events
  • Rear Admiral James Bennett of the Starfleet Judge Advocate General's office rules that the Data Decision is too narrow to be used in the case of The Doctor's mobile emitter transfer request. The Doctor is found to not be the property of Starfleet, but his sentience is left for another discussion. The Doctor's counsel appeals the decision, further prolonging the case.
(See TNG: The Measure Of A Man and VOY: Author, Author)

2384[ | ]

Romulan Star Empire
  • Federation analysts predict that the Romulan Star Empire is vulnerable to internal and external attacks due to the shakeup in the Romulan power structure. Starfleet dispatches additional ships to the Neutral Zone border.
  • Praetor Tal'aura removes Tomalak from his position as proconsul. Sela is chosen to succeed him as her right hand and fleet commander. Tomalak is allowed to retire to his rural estates on Romulus.
  • Tal'aura reluctantly agrees to negotiations with Empress Donatra's Imperial Romulan Senate to determine the location of a neutral zone, but rejects the Federation's offer to mediate the talks. Admiral Taris is sent to the Romulan capitol at Ki Baratan as Donatra's representative.
  • Tal'aura is found dead in her chambers. Tal Shiar investigations reveal that the praetor was attacked in her sleep. Many groups on Romulus are accused of the crime, including: an alliance of the noble houses; the Tal Shiar; and agents working for Empress Donatra (who denies any involvement in the murder). At Tal'aura's funeral, Sela publicly blames the Remans and the Unification movement for the assassination.

Chancellor Martok

Klingon-Gorn Conflict
  • The IKS Quv is attacked by a Gorn ship. Two hundred and seven Klingons perish in the battle. According to King Xrathis of the Gorn Hegemony, the warship commander was acting without orders. After Xrathis refuses to surrender the survivors of the Quv to the Klingon Empire, Chancellor Martok expels the Gorn's diplomats from the empire and orders ships to the Klingon/Gorn border.
Other events
  • Odo, acting as the Great Link's ambassador to the solids, meets with Laas on Koralis III. Odo invites Laas to return with him to the Great Link, but his offer is refused, and Laas instead chooses to continue his search for more of the "hundred" changelings in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.
  • Bajor's renewed application for membership within the Federation is accepted. The Ferengi open an embassy and gift shop near Quark's Bar on Deep Space 9 in anticipation of increased traffic and commerce resulting from Federation membership.
  • Starfleet transfers the Soong-type android B-4 to the custody of the Soong Foundation in the hopes that his full positronic functioning can be restored.

2385[ | ]

Romulan Star Empire
  • Former Tal Shiar leader Chulan is elected as Praetor, while Donatra remains in control of the military.
  • Remans are granted Romulan citizenship for the first time.
Federation-Klingon conflict
Other events
  • Rogue Synth forces attack Mars, destroying the Utopia Planitia Shipyards.
  • After reevaluating all of its post-Dominion War assets and resources, Starfleet Command announces that it will re-focus various starships, changing their missions from defense and diplomacy to exploration and scientific discovery. Among the re-assigned ships is the U.S.S. Enterprise-E.
    • Captain Picard resigns his Starfleet commission. After a brief sabbatical in France, Picard accepts a position as Federation ambassador to Vulcan.
    • Beverly Crusher accepts the position of captain of the USS Pasteur, an Olympic-class medical starship. Her first task is to assist with the Cardassia Prime rebuilding efforts.
    • Geordi La Forge requests a long-term leave of absence from Starfleet to work on personal projects, including plans to build and test his own starship designs.
  • The Soong Foundation, with the help of Geordi La Forge, unlocks the "Data matrix," which is the entire personality and being of Data, who had transferred this information into B-4 before his death in the Battle of Bassen Rift.
    • The Data persona takes over B-4 rudimentary programming and assists the Soong Foundation in upgrading the positronic brain and recreating Dr. Noonien Soong's emotion chip. The foundation reports that their work will be completed in a matter of months.
    • This timing for Data's resurrection is in Star Trek Online's main lore but conflicts with the earlier, more immediate, resurrection that originates from the prequel comic for Star Trek (2009).
  • Worf also resigns his commission in Starfleet, serving in a diplomatic role to ease the tensions between Klingons and the Federation. He returns to Qo'noS to become lead ambassador and begins a relationship with Grilka.
Measure of Seven

Annika Hansen objects to the dismantling of the Borg task force

  • The USS Enterprise-E is assigned to the Utopia Planitia shipyards for en extensive refit. The Starfleet Corps of Engineers reports that the refit will require at least one year to complete; the ship will be used as a testbed for breakthrough technology, among which is the advanced sensor array first installed on Luna-class starships, which will be retrofitted onto other classes of ships.
  • Starfleet Command decides to dismantle its Borg task force after over two years of no Borg activity in Federation space, believing that the U.S.S. Voyager caused more damage to the Borg than initially speculated.
    • Annika Hansen publically speaks out against this action, calling it foolish and premature and leaving her role with Starfleet in protest. She accepts an offer to continue her research at the Daystrom Institute.

2386[ | ]

Romulan Star Empire
  • The new Romulan openness makes it easier for news to reach other powers.
  • Accusations about Tal'aura's murder lead to new unrests in the Romulan Empire.
  • Spock reports that a Romulan Mining Guild survey of Remus shows that over mining of the moon will lead to a Praxis situation and the operation should be shut down. In response, mining operations are spread over colonies lightyears away from Romulus.
  • Colonel Xiomek blocks a request for the guild to be put in charge of all off-world mining, arguing that if the Remans are to be moved from Remus then they should be granted a continent on Romulus as a new home. This is rejected by the Senate.
  • An alternative plan by Donatra, Rehaek and Praetor Chulan offered the Remans the planet Crateris, the site of a failed Romulan colony. While the climate is harsh, it is a vast improvement of Remus and is rich in dilithium, decalithium and heavy metals.
  • Rehaek states that his investigation conflicts that Praetor Tal'aura was killed by agents loyal to a coalition of noble houses angered by her reformation of the Senate. In retaliation, the Tal Shiar arrests dozens of nobles and seizes their assets.
    • Sela defends her major supporters and sways the Senate to cut funding to the Tal Shiar. Sela accuses the Tal Shiar of knowing about the plot but doing nothing to stop it.
    • Donatra refuses to take sides while Praetor Chulan appoints a committee to formally investigate.
    • Rehaek's home is bombed and Rehaek himself is missing. Shortly after, the Tal Shiar storm Sela's home and take her into custody for Rehaek's murder.
    • Sela is sentenced to death for the murder, but Donatra intervenes and gets the sentence changed to exile.
  • Taris maintains a low profile, going in search for the Sword of the Raptor Star.
Klingon-Gorn conflict
  • King Slathis of the Gorn takes the throne after the death of his father. He reinforces the border with the Klingons, followed by several skirmishes and battles between the powers.
    • Open conflict is triggered when a Klingon fleet bombards Gila VI. Two days later Klingon troops land and take the planet after a bloody battle.
    • Federation diplomats attempt to broker peace, fearing all out war within four years. Worf makes a personal appeal to Martok but admits that it will be a long process.
  • The Federation-Cardassian Treaty is signed and the Cardassian military decommissioned. In return, Bajor drops its demand to prosecute Cardassian war criminals.
Other events
  • Odo meets with Lamat'Ukan, First of the Alpha Jem'Hadar, asking him to return to the Gamma Quadrant. He refuses, calling Odo a false god.
  • Worf marries Grilka in a traditional Klingon wedding, accompanied by his Starfleet colleagues, included Data.
  • Data succeeds in getting his commission reactivated and is given command of the Enterprise-E.
  • Starfleet updates its uniform code to allow officers to choose from several different uniforms.
  • Civil unrests take place on Ferenginar after reforms initiated by Grand Nagus Rom to introduce tax-funded free schools. The protests dissipate when Rom introduces a charge for protest permits, which then fund the educational system.

2387[ | ]

Romulus shell

The remains of Romulus, which was destroyed in 2387

The destruction of Romulus in 2387 originates from the flashback in Star Trek (2009) and its prequel comic. However, details surrounding it (especially those of the comic) have since been modified by Star Trek: Picard and may conflict with the expanded lore laid out in Star Trek Online canon below.
Romulan Star Empire
  • Exiled, Sela takes command of a fleet of ships and leaves for the Delta Quadrant.
  • The Romulan Mining Guild observes massive fluctuations of radiation from the star of the Hobus System. Ambassador Spock, realising the danger posed by the star, warns the Romulan Senate that the star could create a chain reaction that would threaten much of the Romulan Star Empire. Spock asks the senate to work with Vulcan, but they reject the plan.
  • Donatra and Xiomek meet to discuss possible rogue elements within the Romulan military and government. Following the meeting, the two proceed to Romulus and requests Taris join her.
  • Ambassadors Spock and Picard appeal to the Vulcan Science Academy to provide the Romulans with assistance, but they decline. Spock and Picard agree to make their own plans to help the Romulans.
  • I.R.W. Valdore reports a disturbance equivalent to a force seven ion storm. Shortly after, contact is lost. Donatra is presumed lost.
  • The Romulan Senate orders a planetary evacuation. However, it will take six weeks to clear the homeworld.
  • 26 hours later, Hobus goes supernova. The resulting chain reaction destroys Romulus and Remus along with billions of lives.
  • Starfleet orders all available ships to cross the Neutral Zone and assist the Romulans.
  • Starfleet establishes an outpost in the Chiron System to coordinate relief efforts.
  • Several Starfleet ships are attacked by Nero who is commanding a heavily modified mining vessel.
  • Praetor Chulan and the leaders of the Senate had escaped Romulus, but the U.S.S. Nobel finds their bodies floating in space near a derelict shuttle.
  • Nero expands his attack to Klingon ships. Martok makes Worf a general ahead of a fleet to enter Romulan space. The fleet however is wiped out by Nero.
  • Geordi La Forge brings the Jellyfish to Vulcan. it is an experimental ship equipped with trans-metaphasic shielding designed to withstand conditions that would destroy most other ships. He agrees to let Spock pilot it to Hobus in order to create a singularity with Red Matter and collapse the supernova before it destroys more worlds.
    • En route, Spock was intercepted by Nero.
  • According to sensor reports from the USS Enterprise-E, Spock succeeded in containing the Hobus supernova, ending the threat to the quadrant. Starfleet believes that both Spock and Nero were lost.
  • Rashana Colony gains independence from the Romulan Star Empire, several other worlds follow.
Other events
  • Hassan the Undying assassinates Raimus, opening the way for Hassan's employer, Melani D'ian, to take over the Orion Syndicate.
  • Grand Nagus Rom presents a bill to formally ally Ferenginar with the Federation. Conservative forces see the Federation as an assault on Ferengi values and the bill fails after several members are paid to vote against it.
  • The Federation assists Cardassia with dismantling their military. They will use a smaller fleet internally and coordinate with the Federation on external threats.
  • Alpha Jem'Hadar take control of Devos II to establish a base near a former Dominion Ketracel White facility. Starfleet sends the U.S.S. Stargazer-A to investigate but decides to take no action as long as the Alpha Jem'Hadar remain peaceful.

2388[ | ]

Romulan Star Empire
  • With the loss of the capital world, Preator Chulan, the senate leadership and Donatra; there is no one person who has the authority to organize a new government.
    • The leadership council of Rator III declares itself the new senate and capital of the Romulan Star Empire. This is quickly challenged by the leaders of Achernar Prime and Abraxas V.
    • Taris makes a bid to unify the empire and orders every single Romulan ship back to Romulan space.
  • The Federation and most of its allies agree to send aid to the Cardassians, but find themselves negotiating individually with worlds who have conflicting reactions.
Federation-Klingon conflict
  • The Klingons, on the other hand, refuse to provide any aid. Hardliners led by J'mpok demand retaliation against both the Romulans and the Federation for the destroyed Klingon fleet and blame Martok for appointing his friend (and Federation Ambassador), Worf to lead it rather than a member of the Klingon Defense Force.
  • Martok refuses such action and denies any Federation plot. However relations are strained with the retaking of Khitomer and the conflict with the Gorn.
  • Martok discusses a treaty with the Orions, whose homeworld is now completely depleted of resources and face increasing Federation crackdowns on their activities. The Orion's also talk with the Breen, promising their support and stockpiles to a future ally.
Other events
  • Worf, recouperating on Qo'noS, is present for the birth of his second son K'Dhan.
  • The Federation News Network breaks that the Vulcan Science Academy knew about the threat to Romulus but did nothing. The Vulcans are condemned and several worlds recall their ambassadors.
    • The Federation Council opens an investigation into the claims and also the implications of the academy's Red Matter research.

2389[ | ]

Romulan Star Empire
  • Five Romulans attempt to seize the emperor's throne and more than two dozen declare themselves Praetor. Many are assassinated, some are simply ignored.
  • The Federation attempts to provide basic aid to any colony that will accept it. A Federation attempt to organise a conference to agree new leadership of the empire fails when the Romulans can't agree where the meeting should take place.
  • The Klingons take advantage of the turmoil by invading. They take the Tranome Sar and Nequencia Systems before their advance is halted by a Federation fleet sent to guard the Romulan-Klingon border.
    • Skirmishes between Federation and Romulan ships take place.
Klingon-Gorn conflict
  • The Klingon Empire attacks several worlds in Romulan and Gorn space. The Gorn ally with the Nausicaans to respond to the Klingons' attacks.
  • Aakan of the House Mo'Kai slays K'das, son of B'vat reigniting a century-long blood feud between the two houses. The House of B'vat eventually success in killing Aakan and the rest of the Mo'Kai. Chancellor Martok formally dissolves the House Mo'Kai.
Elim Garak

Elim Garak's civilian coalition wins Cardassia's first democratic election

  • The Detapa Council is reestablished as the government body of the Cardassian Union. In their first democratic elections, Elim Garak's civilian coalition wins out over hardliners calling for an end to the treaty with the Federation.
  • Garak's first act to send a token six ships to aid the Federation recovery efforts to the Romulans proves controversial. Polls show Cardassians believe they should conserve their resources, especially as the Federation cuts support for Cardassian reconstruction.
  • Gul Madred begins building mining operations in the Alpha Quadrant.
Other events
  • The Federation Council gives the Vulcans the benefit of the doubt in not grasping the full scale of the Hobus Supernova, but criticises them for not informing the Federation about their Red Matter research.
  • The Doctor succeeds in getting his lawsuit for control of his mobile emitter expanded into a class-action suit on behalf of all sentient artificial lifeforms.
  • Holoprojectors become standard equipment on Starfleet vessels, allowing for holographic crew members.

2390[ | ]

Romulan Star Empire
  • Romulan colonies begin to develop loose alliances and rivalries but are no closer to terrifying. Talvath requests Federation protection and begins talks that could lead to Federation membership. Some Romulans see this as the first step to the dissolution of the Romulan empire.
  • Admiral Taris reorganizes the remaining ships into a new navy. It is expected her new military would be operational within seven months.
  • The Federation is concerned the fleet could overwhelm the colonies and place them under military rule.
Klingon-Gorn conflict
  • Civilian shipping and settlements are raised by Nausicaans along the Klingon-Gorn border. Federation shipping asks Starfleet to increase its patrols. However, this would be seen as a hostile act by the Klingons.
  • To avert conflict and protect shipping, the Federation offers to mediate peace talks between the Klingons and the Gorn. Neither side are happy and initial talks collapse when Martok demands the Federation first remove its ships from the Klingon-Romulan border.
  • The Klingons, feeling overstretched, row back on their Romulan incursion and focus on building their strength.
  • The Detapa Council attempt to expand civil liberties and the economy. But Gul Madred and his followers call frequent rallies for Cardassia to return it is old ways.
  • Scientists on the U.S.S. Pasteur and at the Cardassian Ministry of Science find a possible cure for Yarmin Fel Syndrome synthesized from a rare flower that grows in the most remote areas of Cardassia Prime. As it cannot be replicated it may be several years before the treatment is ready.
Other events
Romulus Borg

Romulus, completely assimilated since an alternate 2390

  • Holo-novel publishers seek to prevent the class-action suit holographic rights, arguing that appearing sentient does not automatically mean a hologram is sentient.
  • The Enterprise-E reports that the Enterprise found signs of multiple quantum singularities in the McAllister C-5 Nebula that correspond to those of Species 8472.
Alternate timeline

In an alternate timeline created by a temporal incursion initiated by the Krenim-backed Iconian Resistance, Romulus - while still existing - had been overrun and completely assimilated by the Borg Collective around this year.

2391-2400[ | ]

2391[ | ]

Federation-Klingon conflict
  • Following objections about safety fears from the Federation Transport Union, Starfleet pulls back ships from the Romulan-Klingon border to protect civilian cargo from Nausicaan pirates. Some Romulan worlds cite it as a broken promise, but Taris rallies Romulans to take responsibility for their own defense again.
  • Having inadvertently fulfilled Martok's conditions for mediated peace talks, the Federation hosts Klingon, Gorn and Nausiccan representatives on Deep Space K-7. However, an assassination attempt on the Gorn ambassador disrupts the talks. Evidence pointed to Klingons who oppose Martok's rule.
  • The Klingon's renew their advance into the Gorn Hegemony, and the Gorn approach Letheans for further support. Hardliners in the Klingon Empire push for a resumption of their Romulan campaign; but Martok urges caution, preferring to rebuild their strength first.
  • Hardliner Councilor J'mpok gathers loyal ships and pushes into Romulan territory alone. He is pushed back by Taris' fleet which contains some highly advanced starships. Martok orders Klingon Intelligence to investigate and sends in a battlegroup. Despite J'mpok's tactical failure, he succeeds in rallying more of the council in defiance of Martok.
Romulan Star Empire
  • Taris victory against the Klingon fleet leads Romulan worlds to declare her the new leader of the Romulan Star Empire. She asks colony worlds to assemble representatives on Rator III for a new senate.
  • Sela's fleet has begun mining an iron age planet, using the native population as slave labour.
  • The Cardassian secures Ferengi aid for rebuilding their industry in return for lucrative trade agreements.
Other events
  • The Federation Supreme Court rules in favour of the holonovel publishers and returns the case to lower courts to define sentience. The Soong Foundation launch a new campaign to amend the constitution with rights for artificial life.
  • With the possibility of Species 8472 appearing in Federation space, Starfleet Command assigns a task force to investigate. They interview the crews of Enterprise-E and U.S.S. Voyager.
  • Starfleet study's making it easier for non-Federation citizens to enter Starfleet Academy.
  • Photonic activists establish a colony in the Ra'kholh System.

2392[ | ]

Aennik Okeg

Aennik Okeg succeeded Nanietta Bacco as Federation President in 2392

Federation election
  • Nanietta Bacco declines to run for another term.
  • Top issues are aid to the Cardassians and Romulans, the conflict with the Klingon Empire and whether Starfleet should be expanded to respond to the increasing threats to Federation citizens.
  • Leading candidates are Jaed Maz (Trill), Soron (Vulcan) and Kevin Steiner (Terra Nova).
  • Outside choices are Shad Ona (Bajor), Charivretha zh'Thane (Andoria) and Aennik Okeg (Sauria).
  • Soron and zh'Thane never become formal candidates while Steiner abandons his campaign after his ties to the Orion Syndicate are exposed.
  • Aennik Okeg is elected, closely followed by Jaed Maz, becoming the first Saurian ever to hold the Federation president
  • Okeg offers Maz and Shad places in his cabinet to promote unity.
Klingon-Gorn conflict
  • Okeg joins the first Federation-moderated talks on the conflict on Cestus III.
  • The Federation diplomatic team, led by Alexander Rozhenko, hopes that a cease-fire agreement could lead to dealing with the Klingon-Federation trade and defense agreements that are set to expire in 2394.
  • 3 weeks in, both sides are haggling over the official agenda.
  • Talks collapse when a Gorn-Nausicaan fleet attacks the Klingon world of Ogat.
  • After 2 weeks of fighting, the Gorn withdraw and Martok pulls out of all talks.
  • In an attempt to break up a fight between Klingon and Gorn ships, the U.S.S. Montana is heavily damaged by Klingon disruptor fire.
  • Klingon hardliners push for an all-out invasion, but Martok urges caution until new warships are launched. J'mpok mocks his caution, encouraging the hardliners.
  • The Detapa Council enacts benefits to families and displaced soldiers, attempting to encourage industrial growth.
  • Many retrained soldiers end up employed by Gul Madred in his mining interests on Septimus.
  • Madred's mines are operating at such a high capacity that he begins exporting kelindide and uridium through Ferengi brokers. His first major buyer is the Romulans, who are desperate to rebuild ships and expand colonies and need additional resources.
Romulan Star Empire
  • The Romulans build a new capital city, Rihan, on Rator III. The first building completed is used to house meetings of the Romulan Colonial Organizational Committee, which was formed under the directions of Admiral Taris.
  • While the committee lays the groundwork for government, it is beset by the in-fighting.
  • Moderates suggest the need for a single leadership figure, such as a revival of the monarchy. Taris signals support for the plan, provided the Romulan people are in favour.

2393[ | ]

Romulan Star Empire
  • A conflict sparks between Taris and Tebok about the allocation of ships and which regions of the Romulan Star Empire to protect. Tebok is willing to sacrifice what he considers unimportant territory.
  • A portion of the Romulan Colonial Organization Committee is persuaded by Tebok's strategy to give up far away border colonies to better protect Romulan core worlds. They believe that the long-term benefits outweigh the short-term losses.
Klingon Empire

J'mpok becomes Chancellor of the Klingon High Council

Cardassia and the New Link
Other events

2394[ | ]

Romulan Star Empire
  • The Romulan Colonial Organization Committee finishes the constitution draft. The idea of a Romulan monarchy is rejected, but the vote is close. Instead, a new Romulan Senate is to be established in Rihan on Rator III, being the most powerful of the new institutions. Taris is offered to become the new Praetor, second to the Senate.
  • The colonists of Rhi III vote against rejoining the Star Empire and begin a struggle for independence.
Other events
  • The Doctor is ruled to be a sentient life-form by the Federation Supreme Court and therefore has a right to his mobile emitter. The ruling also lays down a set of conditions under which an artificial life-form is considered an sentient being.
  • Alexander Rozhenko resign as Federations ambassador and leaves reportedly to the monastery on Boreth.

2395[ | ]

Klingon Empire

Ja'rod thwarts an attempt by the Undine to kill and replace him

  • Ja'rod, son of Lursa, is ambushed by Species 8472 while on shore leave. He kills two and captures a third, and brings it back to his ship for questioning. Ja'rod learns the alien was sent to kill him and take his place.
  • Vulcans celebrate the 225th anniverary of the completion of work on the rebuilt monastery at P'Jem.
Other events

2396[ | ]

Romulan Star Empire
  • A Bloodfire epidemic ravages Kevratas. Taris orders a three-month full quarantine in the midst of planetary winter. This world is left alone with the lethal, but if treated in a timely fashion, cureable, disease.
  • In the Dopterians, Sela finds a way to trade Decalithium to rebuild her forces.
Klingon Empire
  • Ja'rod kills his commanding officer Captain Klor of the I.K.S. Kang, who had refused to investigate the full extent of the Undine infiltration. Thus, Ja'rod becomes captain of the Kang.
  • The Nausicaans destroy three Klingon outposts. The KDF responds to the surprise attack by annihilating the Nausicaan starbase in the Orellius IX asteroid belt.
Other events

2397[ | ]

Romulan Star Empire
  • Since Kevratas feels abandoned by the Romulan Star Empire, it declares its independence. Praetor Taris orders Tebok, head of the Romulan military, to forcefully end the insurrection. Tebok refuses and instead brings a Kevratas delegation to Rator III to present their case to the Romulan Senate. A settlement is reached, but Taris tries to discharge Tebok as Romulan military leader. The Senate overrules her, Tebok stays in command.
Klingon Empire
  • Hassan the Undying returns to the original Orion homeworld in the Rigel System and establishes his main base of operations.
  • A third round of peace talks between the Gorn Hegemony and Klingon Empire begins. J'mpok has to face a lot of opposition in the Klingon High Council and is hesitant to agree. The majority of the council favors a declaration of war instead.
  • The I.K.S. Kang is investigating Undine infiltration on a covert mission in Gorn space.
  • In a move to strengthen his position, J'mpok agrees to ally his House with the House of Duras. Thus J'mpok has a majority of Houses to rely on for implementing his politics. The legitimacy of the House of Duras is restored in the process.
Other events

2398[ | ]

2399[ | ]

2399 Badge Focus

2399 is the setting of Star Trek: Picard. Star Trek Online is yet to clarify how the events of the series will interface with the game and its previously established lore for this period.

Klingon-Gorn War
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Praetor Taris

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