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Klingon 2256Aakar
Military Rank:
Voiced by:
Robert O'Reilly
Aakar prior to Season 20

Aakar, son of Aakam was a Klingon special forces operative and a member of House Mo'Kai during the 2250s. He was briefly captured by Starfleet forces during the Federation-Klingon War. He is the grandfather of former Chancellor Gowron.

Biography[edit | edit source]

In 2256, during the Federation-Klingon War, Aakar led an attack on the Priors System. Using a computer virus masked as a Klingon genetic sequence, Aakar sabotaged the Federation weapon platforms above the planet, turning them on unsuspecting Starfleet ships. In midst of chaos, most of the Starfleet forces in the system were wiped out and Klingons took the planet, butchering the inhabitants and installing large anti-starship missile launchers on the planet's surface.

The U.S.S. Buran led an offensive against Aakar and his forces. The counter-strike was a success and the system was liberated. Aakar himself was captured and placed in custody aboard the Buran.

Aakar would not remain in custody for long. Using the same virus deployed on Priors World defense grid, J'Ula followed a Starfleet vessel to a holding facility in Mandel System and liberated him. Aakar returned to the Priors System and destroyed the Buran, exacting his revenge.

Aakar participated in the attack on Starbase 1, and was swept into the 25th century when J'Ula attempted to use her mycelial weapon. In 2411, Aakar served as J'Ula's First Officer, accompanying her to Qo'noS for the Great Houses meeting. Disobeying her orders, he told the gunman to fire the weapon on the Qu'Vat colony and killed him to avoid being exposed. However, he then betrayed J'Ula and sided with J'mpok, giving the Klingon Chancellor her weapon, which was subsequently used to destroy the Chamber of Alliance on Khitomer.

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

  • ALL “Operation Riposte”: The U.S.S. Buran leads the counter-strike against Aakar's forces. Aakar's dreadnought is disabled and Aakar placed in custody aboard the Buran.
  • ALL “The Plausibility of the Possible”: Player takes Aakar to Facility 2047 to be interrogated. However, the Klingons manage to uncover the location of the holding facility and J'Ula arrives to liberate him. While the player successfully pushes back the attack and defends the facility, Aakar successfully escapes.
  • ALL “Impossibility of Reason”: Aakar leads the assault on the Buran at Priors World. When the ship is destroyed, Aakar and his search party follow the surviving Starfleet officers to a nearby moon. Officers, who were attempting to take Captain Lorca to a medical facility, barely manage to escape.
  • ALL “The Centre Cannot Hold”: Aakar is present at the Great Hall during J'Ula's meeting with the Klingon High Council and recognizes Discovery-Federation players. He joins House Mo'Kai and Klingon Rebel forces in the fight against J'mpok, the player and other attendees after the meeting and flees with J'Ula following the battle.
  • ALL “Best Served Cold”: Aakar leads a House Mo'kai force on a prison break on Rura Penthe, but he his stopped by Martok, Kagran and a team of five players.
  • ALL “The Khitomer Discord”: The player and Martok confront and fight J'Ula and Aakar at the lower levels of Khitomer, where Aakar retreats while J'Ula is captured. After the player emerges from the lower levels with the help of Adet'pa, he aids J'mpok in launching a mycelial weapon killing many delegates on the surface.
    House Shattered Launch Trailer.
    Aakar and his forces confront the player, Martok and J'Ula in the Gorath System.
  • ALL “Partisans”: After Wilkins hacks the various computer codes in the arena of the Gorath System, which allowed Aakar to gain access to them, Aakar confronts her alongside the player, Martok and J'Ula. He flees before the battle takes place and his forces are defeated by them.
  • ALL “Knowledge is Power”: J'Ula, Martok, Adet'pa and Tenavik encounter and fight Aakar while they're on Boreth but he flees before they could finish him. In orbit, the player and the former three managed to disable his ship but he plants a virus on the Lukara before fleeing. The Lukara is destroyed but the player managed to retrieve her crew.

Missions mentioned[edit | edit source]

  • ALL “Leap of Faith”: The player, accompanied by Martok and J'Ula, encounters Gowron in Koth, the void between Gre'thor and Sto-vo-kor, where Gowron's personal honor would satisfy Sto-vo-kor, but his entry is blocked due to the dishonor of Aakar. After defeating Fek'lhr in Gre'thor, Gowron offers his soul in exchange for L'Rell's before J'Ula could finish offering hers. Fek'lhr eventually accepts J'Ula's new offer of Aakar's and J'mpok's souls in exchange for Gowron's freedom.

Other involvement[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Aakar's model was revamped with Season Twenty: House Divided as part of the Year of Klingon updates. This changed his appearance to give him the look of an ancestor of Gowron with his change of voice actor to Robert O'Reilly.
  • Additionally, the line "Experience Bij" is a tribute to another of O'Reilly's roles, Captain Kavok from the TNG video tape-supported board game.
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