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TzenkethiAarn Tzen-Tarrak
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Military Rank:
Fleet Admiral
Information giver

Fleet Admiral Aarn Tzen-Tarrak is a Tzenkethi officer serving the Tzenkethi Coalition impersonated by the Female Changeling.

Missions involved[]

  • ALL “Of Signs and Portents”: After the player, Kuumaarke, and Rodek disarm a Protomatter bomb in the Jod'Cor System, Tzen-Tarrak confronts them in space. He states that the system has been claimed by the Tzenkethi Coalition, and that further aggression will not be tolerated. When the player refuses to honor this claim, Tzen-Tarrak and his forces attack. When his vessel is disabled in the ensuing battle, Tzen-Tarrak warns the player to test the Tzenkethi at their peril, and warps away.
  • ALL “Scylla and Charybdis”: Tzen-Tarrak leads the attack on Bajor, eventually surrendering to Alliance forces.
  • Dominion “Turn the Tide”: Odo sends the player's squad of Jem'Hadar to rescue Tzen-Tarrak from the wrecked Tzenkethi battlestation, where he flees the scene in an escape shuttle.
  • ALL “The Renegade's Regret”: Neth Parr, having defected to the Alliance, tells the player and Captain Geordi La Forge of the circumstances leading to her defection. These include her first mission as captain, during which she was ordered by Tzen-Tarrak to eradicate the Drantzuli presence in the Eohk System, destroying the Eohki people with a protomatter bomb; a mission on Draconis III, during which he ordered her to to kill not only the inhabitants of the planet, but members of her own crew who had been sealed inside a temple; and a mission to Atosee Prime, during which Admiral Tzen-Tarrak elected to eliminate the planet's population, despite the fact that they had relocated all of the Drantzuli eggs to the planet's moon.
  • ALL “Tenebris Torquent”: As the true origins of the Hur'q attacks are discovered, Tzen-Tarrak appears before the player alongside a Jem'Hadar escort and reveals himself as the Female Changeling.

Other involvement[]

  • "The Means to an End": In 2399, Aarn Tzen-Tarrak, a Captain, commands a Tzenkethi mission to Lukari Prime. The Tezenkethi have determined that the Lukari do not pose a threat to the Coalition; however, they have discovered the Lukari's use of Protomatter, which could be used as a devastating weapon. Later, two Tzenkethi officers meet with Madran on Ferenginar. Madran has failed to purchase the Lukari's data on Protomatter technology as he had been hired to do, and the Tzenkethi offer a considerable price to steal the information instead. Back aboard their ship, Tzen-Tarrak expresses his satisfaction that the Tzenkethi will soon possess the ability to produce Protomatter weapons, and that he will assume the role of Autarch once he is known as the man who saves Tzenketh from certain doom.
  • "A Divided Duty": The Tzenkethi starship Fearless arrives at Kzuuln-5. The crystals the Tzenkethi are seeking have been detected on the planet, and it has therefore been marked for destruction. Admiral Tzen-Tarrak's science officer, Prult, raises objections to the assignment, as the primitive culture on the planet is attempting to contact them with messages of peace. Tzen-Tarrak ultimately relieves Prult of duty in order to ensure the mission proceeds as planned. Prult attacks the security guards escorting him through the ship, and rushes to the weapons bay to destroy the protomatter bomb. He believes he has succeeded, but discovers that the bomb was a decoy arranged by Tzen-Tarrak, who had anticipated some of his officers having second thoughts about their mission. Tzen-Tarrak executes Prult, and orders the bridge to resume their mission.


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