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Abilities (or powers) can be activated (powers usable/clickable in the tray) in space or on the ground. They come in four major groups;

Player abilities[ | ]

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Player abilities are innate, clickable abilities unlocked by the character by leveling up, slotting certain traits, or by gaining diplomatic/marauding XP. Examples include;

Bridge officer and kit abilities[ | ]

Main article: Bridge officer and kit abilities

Bridge officer and kit abilities are interlinked. An ability of a bridge officer on the ground is often paralleled by an equivalent kit module for your captain. For example, Turret Fabrication can be applied to your bridge officers via Training Manual or to your captain via [Engineering Kit Module - Beam Turret]

Space abilities are unique to bridge officers, however. To be available, the bridge officer has to be assigned a station. An example is Beams: Fire at Will. Bridge officer ground and space abilities differ in quality (I, II and III) linked to rank. Every bridge officer can only have one ability per rank (Ensign, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander and Commander) active at any one time.

Ship abilities[ | ]

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A few ship abilities are common to all ships, for example Full Impulse, but most are tied to a particular ship or type of ship. For example;

Item abilities[ | ]

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Item abilities are abilities granted by having a specific item. In most cases the item must be equipped but a few rare examples can be activated from your inventory.