Ability: Bio Energy Transfer

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This article is for the NPC-only ability. Player variant is currently unavailable.

Overview[edit | edit source]

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The Bio Energy Transfer is a space ability utilized by the Undine. Before entering combat, Undine often establish an energy connection between two or more bioships, to maximize the effectiveness of their weapon attack in the upcoming face-off.

Basic Information[edit | edit source]

  • Before Season Nine, this ability was used by the Undine Dahut Frigates. After Undine ships were updated and Frigates removed from the game, Energy Transfer was given to all new Undine Bioships.
  • When a Bioship activates this ability it sends a beam of energy to friendly ships in range. Those ships then have their Weapon Power enhanced, which increases a chance to knock back the target with their next beam attack.
  • This ability is reminiscent of the attack performed by Undine vessels in formation in VOY: "Scorpion".

Gallery[edit | edit source]