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Extend Shields is an Engineering Bridge Officer space ability. It increases the shield regeneration of an ally that is within 7.5 Km from the player and increases the target's shield damage resistance. Recommended for players in a healing role.

Basic Information[]

  • Profession: Engineering
  • Locale: Space
  • Game Description: Extend Shields regenerates the shields of the target ally and improves their damage resistance. Increases in effectiveness based on current shield power level.
  • Usage Notes
    • Be aware that the ability has a 7.5 Km range. This means that if you apply it to an ally, and then they go beyond 7.5 Km, they stop benefiting from the heal. However, targets can sail back into the 7.5 Km sphere and regain the heal. Hence, it is important to corral your team-mates (in-game chat/voice, or 3rd party applications), as well as being mindful of your spatial proximity to your team-mates too.
    • This is NOT an ability that you can apply to yourself. Therefore, if you only play solo content (namely the Foundry and story content), then this ability should be avoided.

Detailed Information[]

Ability Ranks[]

Ability/User Rank CD Ability Effects
Rank I: Lieutenant
(in Tier 2 ship)
45 sec
  • 37.5 Shield Regeneration each sec for 30 sec
  • Reduces Damage to Shields by 19% for 30 sec
Rank II: Lt Commander
(in Tier 2 ship)
45 sec
  • 66.5 Shield Regeneration each sec for 30 sec
  • Reduces Damage to Shields by 27% for 30 sec
Rank III: Commander
(in Tier 4 ship)
45 sec
  • 83.2 Shield Regeneration each sec for 30 sec
  • Reduces Damage to Shields by 35% for 30 sec


  • The numbers given above are based on 50 shield power with 0 points in the Science Skill 1 R1.png Shield Restoration skill.
  • The damage resistance buff depends exclusively on Shield power. No other skills or abilities affect this buff, but the buff does stack with other damage resistance buffs, items and skills.
  • The heal provided by Extend Shields depends heavily on three factors.
  • Fractional points in skills (from Threat-Scaling Science Consoles) or shield power Efficient Captain icon.pngCommon icon.png Trait: Efficient Captain, Engineering Skill 3 R1.png Warp Core Efficiency,Engineering Skill 3 R1.png Warp Core Potential, and other items which affect power levels) and other items which affect power levels) will affect the formulas below.
  • Formula for Heal over Time
    • HoT = (Ship Tier + 1) / 2) * ((Ability Rank + 2) / 3) * ((Skill / 200) + 1) * 25
  • Formula for Damage Reduction Buff
    • Rank I = (Shield Power * 0.1) + 14
    • Rank II = (Shield Power * 0.1) + 22
    • Rank III = (Shield Power * 0.1) + 30
  • Extend Shields was significantly reworked on February 2, 2011[1], increasing the range from 5km to 7.5km and allowing the target to leave that range without breaking the buff. Now, if a target goes outside the 7.5km range, the buff will drop; but if the target comes back into range, the buff will be restored.
  • Because Emergency Power to Shields is a shield ability, it was added to the shared cooldown that already existed between Extend Shields and Reverse Shield Polarity on October 10, 2012[2]. Emergency Power to Shields was subsequently removed from that shared cooldown in the following patch on October 18, 2012[3], but the shared cooldown between Extend Shields and Reverse Shield Polarity still exists.
  • Unlike other heals, Extend Shields is actively generated by the caller. Because of this, the buff cannot be removed from the target by using abilities like Subnucleonic Beam on the target. The caster must be targeted instead. In many ways, it is similar to Shield Frequency Modulation.


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