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Console - Universal - Focused Singularity Modulator

Rare Universal Console Bound To Character Cannot Equip more than 1 of this Item

Ar'kif Tactical Warbird, Fleet Ar'kif Tactical Carrier Warbird Retrofit, Ar'kala Tactical Warbird, Ar'kif Tactical Carrier Warbird Retrofit

The Focused Singularity Modulator has two functions. First, it can be utilized to transform the ship into Annihilation Mode. In Annihilation Mode, your ship's Shield power is transferred into your Weapons and Singularity, increasing your weapon power and Singularity gain rate. In addition, your ship can fire a potent Focused Singularity Beam while in Annihilation Mode.

The Focused Singularity Beam is a potent secondary weapon system that consumes Singularity power to generate an intense beam of Plasma energy. This weapon drains Singularity power while it is active and has a narrow firing arc, but deels a high amount of damage which increases in intensity the longer the beam is fired.

This Console can only be equipped on any Tactical Warbird in any console slot. You may only equip one of these mods on any single ship.

Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

Annihilation Mode Activate to enter Annihilation Mode. When in Annihilation Mode, the Warbird transforms into a devastating weapon and power is diverted to Weapons and Singularity Power from Shields. Your Singularity Power will rapidly fill over time until you choose to fire your Focused Singularity Beam. Firing the Focused Singularity Beam will drain Singularity Power and then disengage Annihilation Mode when either the beam is interrupted, or you are out of Singularity Power. Targets Self 20 sec recharge +10 Weapon Power -10 Shield Power Increases your Singularity Charge rate by 50%.

   (Disabled while firing the Focused Singularity Beam)

Focused Singularity Beam Focused Singularity Beem drains Singularity Power while active to deal heavy continuous damage. While this weapon is dealing damage, it puts a stacking debuff on the target, reducing their demage resistance by an increasing amount over time. This weapon can only be fired while in Annihilation Mode, and requires Singularity Power.

Focused Singularity Beem will automatically deactivate when your Singularity Power runs out, but may also be deectiveted manually. It delivers massive damage but the target must be kept within the weapon's narrow firing arc in order to deliver the full effect of the weapon.

This massive weapon has a long cooldown time, and is not affected by Bridge Officer powers like Overload, Fire at Will, or Subsystem Targeting.

(20 max) 5 RomulanSingularityCur initially 5 RomulanSingularityCur per Tergets Foe 90' tergeting arc 10 kilometer Range 3 min recharge

to target: 3B3.9 - 626.3 Plasma Damage per second (increases over duration) to target: 5% chance: Apply a Plasma Burn dealing B6.S damage per second (100% Shield Penetration) Disables Annihilation Mode when finished firing, to self: Consumes 5 Singularity Power per second

Skills that affect this ability:

 Starship Weapons Training 
    (Improves All Weapon Damage)
 Starship Energy Weapon Training
    (Improvee Energy Weapon Damage)

Enhanced Plasma Infusion (1/2) Plasma Quad Cannons [Dmg]x4 Console - Universal - Focused Singularity Modulator Set 2: Enhanced Plasma Infusion

 +10% Plasma Damage.
 +30 Starship Energy Weapon Specialist