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High Frequency Electromagnetic Pulse icon (Federation).png

The High Frequency Electromagnetic Pulse set-bonus ability releases an EMP pulse. It becomes available for use if all three parts of the Delta Alliance Elite Set are equipped.

Basic Information[]

  • Profession: Any
  • Locale: Ground
  • Game Description: The High Frequency Electromagnetic Pulse destroys small mechanical enemies and disables ranged weapons for a short period of time.

Detailed Information[]

  • Used by: 3-part Delta Alliance Elite Set Bonus
  • Target: Self
  • Ability Type: Destroy Mechanical Enemies and Disable Weapons
  • Range: 30 meter Sphere
  • Activation: 0.5 sec
  • Starts cooldown: 1 min 30 sec
    • Self
  • Trained by:
    • This ability cannot be trained

Ability Ranks[]

Ability/User Rank CD Ability Effects
N/A 1m 30s
Destroys mechanical enemy turrets, drones, and small devices
Disables ranged weapons for 6 sec