The Javelin is a powerful weapon used by the Nausicaan Guramba Siege Destroyer, Kolasi Siege Destroyer, as well as their fleet counterparts, while in a Siege Mode.

Basic Information

  • Profession All
  • Locale Space
  • Game Description The Guramba Siege Destroyer's Javelin is a devastating weapon. Available only when in Siege Mode, this weapon must be charged up before it can be activated. While in Siege Mode, all your energy weapons will drain Weapon Power from your target and divert it to charge your Javelin. Once charged, the Javelin fires a single massive disruptor beam that is so massive and devastating, that it typically pierces multiple targets - if they happen to be lined up.

    The Javelin is not an array, and thus can only fire in a very narrow arc directly in front of the ship. Firing the Javelin will disengage Siege Mode. This massive weapon is not modified by Bridge Officer powers like Beam Array: Overload, Beam Array: Fire at Will, or Subsystem Targeting.

Detailed Information

Ability Ranks

Ability/User Rank CD Ability Effects
Rank I: 60s
  • to self: -75 Current Weapon Power *
  • to target: 2.5 Chance: 10% Damage Resistance Debuff for 15 sec
  • to target: _____ Disruptor Damage over 1 sec
  • Disables Siege Mode
  • * Only occurs in certain circumstances

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