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Plasma Shockwave is a Singularity Core ability. It is the first of the available Singularity skills, and comes on the very first ship a Romulan character has, the T'liss Warbird. As such, you might expect it to be underpowered, but looks can be deceiving. When used, it creates a shockwave similar to the photonic shockwave science officer skill, hitting up to 10 enemies within a 5km sphere. In addition to the initial burst, it applies a potent plasma burn to each target, dealing in total three times as much damage as the burst directly to the hull of each target over the course of 15 seconds.

The damage increases with your Singularity Core level; Plasma Shockwave V is twice as powerful as Plasma Shockwave I. This damage is not affected by your power distribution, but can be improved by increasing your Particle Generators skill, and can be affected by skills and traits that improve exotic damage. At low levels, this ability can be quite devastating at full charge, but as you gain levels, Plasma Shockwave does not scale as fast as the hull of enemies you face, decreasing its usefulness as you go.

Plasma Shockwave can be useful for thinning out fighters and heavy torpedoes, although most shuttles will have enough hull to survive even a fully charged Shockwave's burn; that said, it pairs nicely with other shield-bypassing damage, as from plasma torpedoes, Gravity Well, and such. A tanking warbird might also find it useful for locking down aggro on secondary targets that have started to move on to other target. Additionally, Plasma Shockwave is not affected by the Weapons Offline debuff, so it can be useful for continuing a fight until your weapons come back. In general, however, there will usually be better uses of the charge.

Basic Information[]

  • Locale: Space
  • Game Description: Overload your Singularity Core and release a shockwave of plasma that causes minor initial Plasma damage as well as additional Plasma damage over time to enemies within a 5km radius. Activating this power will drain all your Singularity Levels. The potency of the initial damage as well as the potency and duration of the damage over time effect will increase based on your Singularity Level.

Detailed Information[]

Ability Ranks[]

Stats taken down with 100 Exotic Particle Generator @ Max for that level singularity

Singularity Core level Ability Effects
Rank I: 950.8 Plasma Damage
190.2 Plasma Damage every 1 sec for 15 sec (100% Shield Penetration)
Rank II: 1245.5 Plasma Damage
250.4 Plasma Damage every 1 sec for 15 sec (100% Shield Penetration)
Rank III: 1,482 Plasma Damage
297.9 Plasma Damage every 1 sec for 15 sec (100% Shield Penetration)
Rank IV: 1717.7 Plasma Damage
342.3 Plasma Damage every 1 sec for 15 sec (100% Shield Penetration)
Rank V: 1881.8 Plasma Damage
380.3 Plasma Damage every 1 sec for 15 sec (100% Shield Penetration)


Rare Singularity Cores with the [Wave] modifier give Improved Plasma Shockwave:

to target: 20% chance: Disable 1 Subsystem for 5 sec (duration increased by Starship Drain Expertise)


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