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Saucer Separation is an ability that detaches the saucer section of the ship, allowing both the stardrive section and the saucer section to fight enemies. When this ability is activated, the stardrive becomes the player-controlled part of the ship, while the saucer becomes an AI-controlled player pet. The stardrive moves out most of its crew, reducing maximum hull and maximum shield capacities, but gaining a boost to weapon damage and turn rate, while the saucer gains additional hull capacity as well as flight and impulse speed, so it can always catchup with the player-controlled stardrive section. The saucer can be seen on the Minimap (default hotkey: M) as a green triangle in a circle, and when hovering over the mouse cursor - the full name of the ship is displayed. The saucer will not get any buffs from any Captain Specializations, but will get up to all 3 Coordination Protocols buffs applied if the player has these space skills purchased.

If there are no enemies, the saucer will follow stardrive and try to stay within 5km proximity. The saucer will only pick a new enemy if it either has no enemies, or when it destroys its current enemy. If no enemy is targeted by the player - the saucer will pick its next enemy (i.e. after finishing its current fight) as the one engaged by the stardrive. If an enemy is targeted by the player, the saucer will pick that enemy as next. If the stardrive section is destroyed, the saucer will abandon its fight, if any, and return within a close proximity of the stardrive once it is respawned by the player. If instead the saucer is destroyed, the player will need to toggle off this ability, which will cause whatever is left of the saucer to re-dock with the player-controlled stardrive section, and start the cooldown timer on this ability before it can be activated again. The ability will automatically toggle off, force re-docking of the saucer and start the cooldown, if the player unequips the relevant console mod, or leaves the current map. This ability cannot be activated in Sector Space.

NB. Previously there was a bug that when the saucer section itself was targeted by the player, it would stop moving, using abilities, and firing completely. However, this has been fixed.

Basic Information[]

  • Profession: All
  • Locale: Space
  • Game Description: Separates the saucer section of your ship. Non-essential personnel are evacuated to the saucer section, leaving the Stardrive section with minimal crewmen. However, relieved of her bulk, the Exploration Cruiser's Stardrive section becomes a formidable attack vessel, comparable to any Escort. Power systems are diverted to weapons and speed and maneuverability are greatly increased, though hull and shield HP are slightly reduced. The saucer will follow you, and will attack your target, but the saucer section is not built for combat. If it takes heavy damage, it will be disabled, and you will need to disengage "Saucer Separation" and re-dock with the saucer to get it functional again.
The standard Galaxy Saucer comes equipped with standard Phaser Arrays, Emergency Power to Shields and Engineering Team.
If launched from a Galaxy Dreadnought, the saucer will be equipped with standard Phaser Arrays, Photon Torpedoes, Phaser Cannons, and a minor Phaser Spinal Lance. Both will inherit Antimatter Spread, if you have that console mod equipped. The Dreadnought Stardrive's Spinal Lance will be modified and will become a wide beam attack.

Detailed Information[]

Ability Ranks[]

Ability/User Rank CD SPR Ability Effects
N/A 90 secs - Targets Self
Detach your Saucer section to aid you in battle

To Saucer:

  • +5.8% Maximum Hull Capacity
  • +10% Flight Speed and Full Impulse Speed
  • Player level
  • Frigate II rank (II pips)

While Saucer is active, to self: (NB. This means while this ability is active, as the below still applies even if Saucer is destroyed)

  • +10 Weapon Subsystem Power
  • -5 Shield Subsystem Power
  • -5 Auxillary Subsystem Power
  • +10% Flight Speed (NB. This appears to refer to Saucer, as there is no change in either flight speed or full impulse speed for player-controlled Stardrive section)
  • +10 Turn Rate (NB. In degrees)
  • -13% Maximum Hull Capactity
  • -4.8% Max Shield Capactity


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