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The Seismic Agitation Field ability creates a field at the targeted foe, dealing kinetic damage with a chance to draw enemies in and cause them to stumble. It is generated by the [Science Kit Module - Seismic Agitation Field], which can be obtained from the Summer Event store for 1,000 Lohlunat Favors.

Basic Information[]

  • Profession: Any
  • Locale: Ground
  • Game Description: Seismic Agitation Field creates a localized seismic event under the target. The seismic waves deal kinetic damage to all nearby enemies, with a chance to cause enemies to lose their footing.

Detailed Information[]

  • Used by: Science Captain
  • Target: Self
  • Attack Type: AoE Location Kinetic Damage and Knock
  • Ability Type: AoE
  • Activation: 1.25 sec
  • Range: 30 meters
  • Shares cooldown with:
    • None
  • Starts cooldown on:
    • Self only
  • Modified by:
  • Provided by:

Ability Ranks[]

Ability/User Rank CD Ability Effects
N/A 23.1 sec
  • Creates a level __ Seismic Agitation Field for 20 sec.
    • Deals ____ Kinetic Damage each sec (50% Shield Penetration; Damage reduces from epicenter)
    • 25% chance: Stumble targets.
    • 25% chance: Knock targets toward center of field.