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Shield Recharge icon (Federation).png

Shield Recharge provides a quick shield heal and a temporary increase in shield hardness to you or a targeted ally.

Although captains of any profession can get access to this ability, only Engineering captains have the potential to achieve its ultimate performance. Only Engineering Bridge Officers can be trained in the use of this ability.

Basic Information[]

  • Profession: Captain: any; BOff: Engineering only
  • Locale: Ground
  • Game Description: Shield Recharge very quickly restores lost personal shield energy to you or an ally, and temporarily hardens the shields while they are repairing.

Detailed Information[]

Ability Ranks[]

Ability/User Rank CD Ability Effects
Engineering Kit Module - Shield Recharge: Engineering captains, any level 10s
  • +51 - +292.9 Shield Regeneration (+6.1 every common Mk with more increase for higher rarities)
  • 18%-40% Shield Resistance for 3 sec (+6% every rarity increase up to very rare with smaller increases for ultra rare/epic)
Adapted: Science or Tactical captains, level 45+ 10s
  • +148.7 - +181.5 Shield Regeneration (+16.1 every Mk)
  • 13% Shield Resistance for 3 sec
Rank I: Engineering Ensign+ BOffs 10s
  • +60 Shield Regeneration
  • Reduces Damage to Shields by 18% for 3 sec
Rank II: Engineering Lieutenant+ BOffs 10s
  • +75 Shield Regeneration
  • Reduces Damage to Shields by 24% for 3 sec
Rank III: Engineering Lt. Commander+ BOffs 10s
  • +90 Shield Regeneration
  • Reduces Damage to Shields by 30% for 3 sec
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