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Subspace Wake icon.png

Subspace Wake
Rear-Facing Debuff and Self Speed Boost.

Basic information[]

  • Profession: All
  • Locale: Space
  • Console: Console - Universal - Enhanced Subspace Wake Generator and Console - Universal - Subspace Wake Generator
  • Game Description: Risian Corvettes utilize a special type of overdrive circuit in their impulse injection assemblies, allowing for higher sustained sub-warp speeds as well as improved boosts of speed. By feeding a sudden burst of energy into these improved injectors, the ship is capable of distorting local subspace in a manner that results in near-warp speeds for a short period of time. This burst results in a Subspace Wake which can easily be modified to cause detrimental effects on enemies caught behind the ship when activated. The subspace distortions will inhibit speed and turn rate, while simultaneously causing hull distortions that damage the enemy ships' infrastructure.