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Tactical Team
Automated Shield Distribution, Tactical Buff

Basic Information

  • Profession: Tactical
  • Region: Space
  • Game Description: Tactical Team deploys a security crew and grants a tactical buff for your own ship or an ally, along with automated shield strength distribution to shields under attack. Also removes crew and tactical debuffs for the duration. Tactical Team can be deployed even when held.

Detailed Information

  • Target: Self, Ally
  • System: Crew
  • Activation: 0.6s
  • Range: 10km
  • Global Cooldown: 15s
  • Base Cooldown: 30s
  • Interacts with:
    • Skills: None
    • Subsytems Power: None
    • Duty Officers:
      • Conn Officer: Reduces Tactical Team's recharge time by 2/4/6/8 sec and +5/6/8/10 Starship Weapon Specialization (Improves Critical Hit Chance with Weapons) for 10 sec.
      • Conn Officer: 5/10/15/20% chance to boost perception by 100 for 10 sec when activating Tactical Team and 5/10/15/20% chance to boost Accuracy by 5 for 10 sec when activating Tactical Team. This buff lasts for the duration of Tactical Team.
      • Diplomat: The recipient of your Tactical Team abilities gain a chance to drain Weapon Power from attackers when struck with energy weapons. The amount of drain can be increased with Drain Expertise but is subject to the target's resistances. 25% chance: -35 Weapon Power to Attacker (max once per 5 sec)
    • Traits:
      • Fresh From R&R icon.png Fresh From R&R - Team Bridge Officer Abilities' minimum cooldowns are 5 seconds faster. Also cleanses controls once every 45 sec.
      • Exotic Particle Shielding icon.png Exotic Particle Shielding - +9 All Damage Resistance Rating and +9 Exotic Damage Resistance Rating for 15 seconds (Stacks up to 3 times)
      • Load Viral Torpedo icon.png Load Viral Torpedo - Causes next Torpedo attack to Disable the target for 5 seconds
      • Obedience is Victory icon.png Obedience is Victory - Summons a Jem'Hadar Attack Ship to assist for 20 seconds
      • Tactical Analysis icon.png Tactical Analysis - Gain 20 Armor Penetration for 10 seconds
      • Team Synergy icon.png Team Synergy - Also applies a lesser version of the Team ability effects to Self and Allies within 10km
  • Trained by:
  • Countered by: None

Ability Details

Ability/User Rank Ability Effects
Rank I: Ensign Automated Shield Distribution, Tactical Buff
Rank II: Lieutenant Automated Shield Distribution, Tactical Buff
Rank III: Lt. Commander Automated Shield Distribution, Tactical Buff


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