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Turret Fabrication icon (Federation).png

Turret Fabrication creates a fixed position energy weapons platform that will attack nearby enemies. Depending on the level created, it will use a different type of attack, from single beams, to a Gatling-type rapid burst mode. The damage type and associated special effects depend on the user's affiliation. Starfleet turrets use phasers, KDF turrets use disruptors and RRF turrets use plasma weapons.

Like many of the Engineers offensive fabrications, and a Tactical players' Security Escort, these can be useful in laying down additional fire from multiple vectors, allowing for opportunities for flanking damage.

Basic Information[]

  • Profession: Engineering
  • Locale: Ground
  • Game Description: Turret Fabrication creates a fixed position weapon platform at your location that fire beam weapons at nearby enemies. Turret IV is equipped with a plasma flame thrower for attacking close-range targets and a gattling beam burst attack for longer range targets.

Detailed Information[]

BOff Ability Ranks[]

Ability/User Rank CD Ability Effects
Turret Fabrication I: Lieutenant 20 sec
  • Creates a level 61 Turret I for 180 sec
  • 22.1 Damage x2 (15 DPS)
Turret Fabrication II: Lieutenant Commander 20 sec
  • Creates a level 61 Turret II for 180 sec
  • 21.2 Damage x3 (23.6 DPS)
Turret Fabrication III: Commander 20 sec
  • Creates a level 61 Turret III for 180 sec
  • 21 Damage x4 (24.7 DPS)

Module Ability Ranks[]

Ability/Module Quality CD Ability Effects
Beam Turret Fabrication I: Common 20 sec
  • Creates a level __ Beam Turret for 180 sec
  • ____ Damage x2 (__ DPS)
Bolt Turret Fabrication II: Uncommon 20 sec
  • Creates a level __ Bolt Turret for 180 sec
  • ____ Damage x3 (__ DPS)
Bolt Turret Fabrication III: Rare 20 sec
  • Creates a level __ Bolt Turret for 180 sec
  • ____ Damage x3 (__ DPS)
Burst Turret Fabrication IV: Very Rare 20 sec
  • Creates a level __ Burst Turret for 180 sec
  • ____ Damage x4 (__ DPS)
Flamethrower Turret Fabrication V: Ultra Rare 20 sec


  • Your Captain requires a kit to use this ability. Bridge officers do not.
  • The extra turrets that can spawn when you have a Fabrication Engineer slotted are limited to one set per character. If they are already active when they spawn again, the previous bonus turrets will disappear.
    • You can however have one set of bonus turrets from your captain, and another, different set of bonus turrets summoned from one of your engineering bridge officers.


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