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Future Proof Story Accolades are obtained by completing missions during the Future Proof campaign.


Time and Tide[]

Icon Name Description Points
High Tide icon.png High Tide Complete the featured episode, "Time and Tide". 10

The Temporal Front[]

Icon Name Description Points
Like an open PADD icon.png Like an open PADD Ace interrogating the Na'kuhl assassin in the Temporal Front 10
Like an open PADD icon.png In Time-out Allow no extra Na'kuhl ships to travel into the past in the Temporal Front 10

Temporal Reckoning[]

Icon Name Description How to Get Points
Disciple of Sun Tzu icon.png Disciple of Sun Tzu Read the journals of the Temporal Liberation Front leaders in Til the End of Time Read the 4 PADDs, one in each side room off the corridor while searching for an entrance to the assembly room. The door to the last side room is locked, but can be unlocked with the console in the assembly hall. 10


Icon Name Description Points
And I Feel Fine icon.png And I Feel Fine Survived the Battle of Procyon 5 0
Ragnarok icon.png Ragnarok Completed the Featured Episode "Ragnarok" 0