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New Frontiers Story Accolades are obtained by completing missions during the New Frontiers campaign.


Echoes of Light[]

Icon Name Description Points
Taking Your Supplements icon.png Taking Your Supplements Read All of the Chief Engineer's Supplemental Logs on Deep Space K-13 10

Mirrors and Smoke[]

Icon Name Description Points
People Watcher icon.png People Watcher See the less public goings on at New Kentar 10
Propaganda Machine icon.png Propaganda Machine Learn more about the political situation on New Kentar 10
Covered For You icon.png Covered For You Provided sufficient cover for Kuumaarke 10


Icon Name Description Points
Brushfire Accolade icon.png Riker's Apprentice Damage multiple Son'a ships with one Metreon Gas explosion during the mission "Brushfire" 15
Brushfire Accolade icon.png No Witnesses Destroy the Planetary Guard in Brushfire 10
Brushfire Accolade icon.png Model Prisoner Enter the cell area without taking any damage in Brushfire 10
Brushfire Accolade icon.png Rules Exist for a Reason Ignore all warning and get gunned down by Prison Security in Brushfire 10
Brushfire Accolade icon.png Four Thousand Throats Do not fall even once while waiting for your ship in Brushfire 10
Brushfire Accolade icon.png Surpassing Riker Hit the Son'a Dreadnought with at least three Metreon Gas explosions in Brushfire 10

Beyond the Nexus[]

Icon Name Description Points
Beyond the Nexus Accolade icon.png A Lounging Observation You visited the Observation Lounge on a Galaxy-class Cruiser. 10
Beyond the Nexus Accolade icon.png Ready for Anything You visited the Captain's Ready Room on a Galaxy-class Cruiser. 10

Both of these Accolades are listed as Exploration Accolades instead of Story Accolades.

Scylla and Charybdis[]

Icon Name Description Points
Planetary Defender icon.png Planetary Defender Destroy all Protomatter Torpedoes without Lukari assistance before reaching Bajor during "Scylla and Charybdis". 15
Planetary Defender icon.png Nevertheless, You Persisted Override all consoles in the Weapons Control room while fighting Captain Waram Tzen-Gravu in "Scylla and Charybdis". 10
Planetary Defender icon.png Like Boiling Water on an Anthill Destroy 70 Hur'q Ships during their assault on Bajor in "Scylla and Charybdis". 15

The Renegade's Regret[]

Icon Name Description How to Get Points
Planetary Defender icon.png A Curious Tzenkethi Listen to Neth Parr's story as she explains what happens as she examined each mural on Draconis III. Complete all three optional objectives on the planet: Examine the pillar. Examine the three murals on the exterior of the temple, and examine the two murals inside the temple. 5

This accolade is listed as a general accolade instead of a story accolade.