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The Advanced Escort Weaponry Space Set consists of two consoles:

These consoles are only equippable on the following vessels: Advanced Escort, Mirror Universe Patrol Escort, Multi-Vector Advanced Escort, Fleet Advanced Escort, Advanced Escort (T6), and Fleet Advanced Escort (T6). They can be put into any console slot.


Console - Universal - Multi-Vector Assault ModuleEdit

Console - Universal - Multi-Vector Assault Module
Epic Universal Console
Bind On Pickup
Unique - Max of one per character
Any Advanced Escort
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

Multi-Vector Assault Mode - Alpha Command
Multi-Vector Assault Mode - Alpha
-5% Hull HP
+50 Impulse Speed
+5 Turn Rate
-5 Weapon Power
5 Shield Power
5 Engine Power
5 Auxiliary Power
-10% Shield HP
Multi-Vector Assault Mode - Beta Command
Multi-Vector Assault Mode - Beta
-10% Hull HP
+150 Impulse Speed
+15 Turn Rate
+5 Weapon Power
-10% Shield HP
Multi-Vector Assault Mode - Gamma Command
Multi-Vector Assault Mode - Gamma
-10% Hull HP
+100 Impulse Speed
+10 Turn Rate
-10 Weapon Power
10 Auxiliary Power
-5% Shield HP
Value: 0  
Special Ability:   Multi-Vector Assault Mode

The Console - Universal - Multi-Vector Assault Module is obtained from the Multi-Vector Advanced Escort (Zen Store, 2500  , FED Tier 5).

Game DescriptionEdit

In Multi-Vector Assault Mode, or MVAM for short, the player's vessel is separate into three smaller vessels, referred to as vectors. The player controls one of the vectors (determined by which skill the player activate) and the other two become pets. The two other vectors will follow the player and attack the player's target, dealing moderate damage. They are capable of being destroyed. If they are, the player must re-use the skill used to separate to form back into the full ship, after which the player can use another of the skills to separate again.

Each vector has a slant towards either Engineering, Tactical, or Science; and has different statistics, weapons, and abilities when flying autonomously as a pet.

Console - Universal - High-Energy Plasma ExpulsersEdit

Console - Universal - High-Energy Plasma Expulsers
Epic Universal Console
Character Bind On Pickup
Cannot Equip more than 1 of this Item
Any Advanced Escort
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

+20 Plasma Damage Resistance Rating
+20 Tetryon Damage Resistance Rating
+2 Weapon Power Setting
PBAoE Plasma Damage Each Second
501.3 Plasma Damage each sec (100% shield penetration) to up to 5 foes within 5km radius
Applies to Vector components
When activating Command Bridge Officer Abilities: Activate Firebringer Flare
2 min recharge
Firebringer Flare
Instant AOE Plasma Damage
1,005 Plasma Damage (100% shield penetration) to foes within 2.5km radius
Value: 0  
Special Ability:   Firebringer

The Console - Universal - High-Energy Plasma Expulsers is obtained from the Hestia Advanced Escort (Zen Store, 3000  , FED Tier 6).

Game DescriptionEdit

The Hestia Class Advanced Escort comes equipped with the High-Energy Plasma Expulsers console. The inclusion of special heat sinks and particle exciters allow the ship to vent dangerous plasma fire, causing plasma damage to nearby enemy ships. When separated in Multi-Vector Assault Mode, the separated sections of the ship will all ignite simultaneously. Using Command bridge officer abilities causes this plasma fire aura to "flare up" and cause even more damage to nearby enemies.

This console also provides a passive boost to plasma and tetryon damage resistance as well as Weapon Power.

Set powerEdit

For each item added after the first, an additional power is available.

Set 2: Advanced Escort Weaponry

+10% All Energy Damage
+2.5% Critical Chance


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