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Age of Discovery Starter Pack

The Age of Discovery Starter Pack is a discount bundle released with the Age of Discovery season update, available in the Zen Store for 1500 Zen small icon.png. The pack launched with an introductory discount of 50%, or 750 Zen small icon.png. Only Federation-aligned players that have completed the tutorial may purchase this pack, and it may only be purchased once per account.

The Age of Discovery Starter Pack is also included as part of the Discovery Operations Pack; purchasing the Starter Pack will discount the Operations Pack by the same amount.


What's included in the pack:

The two ground weapons scale with your level, up to level 41. You may upgrade them past that point, whereupon they will become Mk X and act as normal.

Once the Age of Discovery Starter Pack has been purchased, the Prototype Light Exploration Cruiser unlocks for Faction Federation-aligned.png Federation-aligned characters on your account. This starship scales with player level, up to level 30 (Tier 4-equivalent). Your Federation-aligned characters can claim it from a Ship Requisitions NPC at a Shipyard, such as Earth Spacedock, or from the Tier 1 tab of the Ships tab in the Zen Store.

Additionally, an Age of Discovery Starter Pack Reclaim will appear in the Starter Packs tab of the Zen Store. Other characters on your account can claim this to receive the ground weapons, Tardigrade Companion pet, and Discovered title. You may discard the Tardigrade Companion to claim the pack again multiple times, which will return the Tardigrade pet, and also grant additional copies of the ground weapons that can be equipped on bridge officers if desired. If the character the Starter Pack is claimed on has maxed inventory slots, a Bound-to-Account package containing the slots is granted instead.

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