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Andoria from orbit

Native Species:
Andoria System
Vulcan Sector

High Mountain Park.png
High Mountain Park

The symbol of Andoria shows the gas giant and its moons.

Note: Andoria was intended as a Federation PvP zone, but the mechanics were never completed. Explanation within this article about the in-game backstory and set up of the player vs player duels/Ushaan should not be taken to imply that the system has ever worked.

Andoria is an icy moon in the Andoria System and homeworld of the Andorians and Aenar. In 2161, it became one of the founding members of the United Federation of Planets and would remain one of its most important worlds over the following centuries.

Missions involved[]

  • “Undine Assault”: In early 2410, Andoria is one of several worlds targeted for destruction by the Undine, who deploy a Planet Killer in orbit. Assisted by a player task force, Andorian vessels are able to thwart the attack and destroy the planet killer.

Other involvement[]

Mountain Park[]

The Mountain Park area on Andoria serves primarily as a Federation vs. Federation ground combat zone, where the spirit — if not the actual weapons — of the Ushaan lives on. Once you leave the beam-down area and head towards the place where NPC Andorians are locked in combat, you may be challenged to a duel at any time.

Though it offers no direct missions, Andoria is a place that can help you finish tasks more cheaply. Its Park Rangers offer common food items (+64% HP) and Ground Devices such as hypos, shield charges, and power cells at reasonable prices. It is a particularly good place to pick up common Bajoran and Cardassian foodstuffs necessary for completing the "Culinary Credentials" assignment chain, and by far the cheapest Federation location for Provisions and Communication Arrays, which go for only 75 Energy credit icon.png and 150 Energy credit icon.png, respectively.

Andorian Park Rangers[]

There are NPCs scattered about called Andorian Park Rangers who serve as either information givers or vendors.

Vendor Items[]

Andorian Park Rangers purchase items at the usual vendor rate of 50% of an item's value. They also sell food at the cheapest rates in the Federation. Andoria is an extremely economic location to come for Bajoran and Cardassian foodstuffs, making it an almost compulsory stop when you're trying to to complete “Promote Culinary Reputation” and “Prepare Kalandra Sector Surprise”

At the Andorian beam-down point

Follow this Andorian's antennae to the cave where you'll find plenty of Park Rangers who will sell you Bajoran and Cardassian food at low prices — as well as the Commodity Broker with the game's best deals on Communication Arrays and Provisions. Taryss, the Commodity Broker, is all the way at the back of the cave.

While some of these vendors are located in a cave at the southwest corner of the map, they are also scattered around the map. The cave is also the location of Commodity Broker Taryss, who sells the cheapest [Communication Arrays] and [Provisions].


The Park Rangers will tell you that you are in the High Mountain Park, which is an area of Andoria set aside for preservation of nature as well as the Ushaan ritual, a legalized dueling system where players, both from the Federation faction, may fight each other.

While the Ushaan has traditionally and historically been fought to the death, Federation law forbids such extreme violence, causing the ritual to be performed in a non-lethal fashion.

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