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Generic Starfleet Android Engineering Cadet

NPC Species
Bridge officer only
Unique Traits:
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Androids (also known as Synths or Synthetics) are sentient, advanced artificial lifeforms designed to imitate humanoid functions and characteristics.

Traditionally, they contain no crucial biological components, distinguishing them from cybernetic organisms, although the term can still be applied to synthetically built and programmed beings comprised of synthesised biological matter. This is distinguished from a natural biological organism that has been augmented with technological components; a cyborg.

While early Androids were known to the Federation as early as the 23rd Century, it was not until the creation of Data that they became advanced enough to be recognised by some as a sentient lifeform.

By the 2380s, simple androids were commonly employed by the Federation and had become termed Synths by many. For reasons then unknown, Synths launched a deadly attack on Mars on First Contact Day, 2385. This would lead to their banning until 2399. By 2409, several Androids now serve in Starfleet and the Klingon Defense Force.

In the Delta Quadrant, two races of Automated Personnel Units were built to fight a war and eventually killed their creators when peace threatened their existence.

Physical features[]

Androids come in a variety of humanoid shapes and forms, limited only by the capability of each unit's designer. They can appear totally organic, or completley mechanical. So long as they retain basic humanoid features, they are set apart from other robotic equipment.

Other information[]

Sentient Androids were officially recognized as free-thinking lifeforms in 2365 by Captain Phillipa Louvois of Starfleet's Judge Advocate General's office, who granted such creatures as "having the freedom to choose" when a sentient android (the first to serve in Starfleet) Lieutenant Commander Data's status came into question by the Associate Chair of Robotics at the Daystrom Technological Institute that year.

Bridge officers[]

Nine Different "Android" Head Attach Tech options to choose from

Starfleet and Klingon Empire Android Engineering Bridge Officer Candidates are Very Rare rewards given to players who have a Lifetime Subscription. Unlike other Bridge Officers, they are not tradeable and cannot be sold on the Exchange. They are as customizable as any alien race, but come with nine unique Head Attach Tech options to choose from; each exposing a portion of the character's face to reveal exposed wiring and glowing circuitry.

Also available is a Kelvin Timeline Starfleet 0718 Model Android Officer from the Temporal Agent Starter Pack, and the "Exo III Androids" available from Deep Space K-13.


Android bridge officers come with four traits, two of which are exclusive to the species.


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