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Faction Iconian.png Andromeda Dyson Sphere


Iconia System
Iconia Sector

The Andromeda Dyson Sphere is a Dyson sphere, previously located in the Andromeda Galaxy and inhabited by the Iconians and their Herald servants.

Missions involved[]

  • “Uneasy Allies”: In 2410, Sela programs the Iconian gateway on Nopada Prime to lead to the Andromeda Dyson Sphere. Once there, she and the player discover Taris, whom they pursue through a small portion of the sphere. Once the player and Sela catch up to her and corner her against the edge of a building, Taris begs them to understand her actions which caused the destruction of Romulus, as well as her reasons for contacting the Iconians. Sela mocks her for her naïveté, then throws her off the edge. They then escape the sphere, fighting off an Elachi attack, and escaping a Harbinger. The Andromeda Dyson Sphere subsequently jumps to the Iconia System, marking the Iconians' return to the Milky Way.
  • “Broken Circle”: The Alliance launches an all-out assault on the Sphere in an ill-fated attempt to end the war without turning to Krenim technology.

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