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In Star Trek Online, Arc point icon.png Arc Points are a currency used in the Arc app on the Xbox One and PC. They can be earned by completing challenges on Xbox One, and may be spent on a variety of rewards.

Xbox One challenges[]

It is currently possible to earn 10,000 Arc Points by completing challenges:

Name Requirements Arc Points
Lieutenant Complete a Tutorial. 100
Lieutenant Commander Reach level 10 with one character. 300
Commander Reach level 20 with one character. 200
Captain Reach level 30 with one character. 300
Rear Admiral Reach level 40 with one character. 400
Admiral Reach level 50 with one character. 1000
Fleet Admiral Reach level 60 with one character. 1200
Specialist Spend 30 points in any Captain Specialization. 1000
Curious Cadet Read all of the plaques on Starfleet Academy. 300
The Path to 2409 Discover all the Path to 2409 lore. 1000
Klingon War Faction FED25.png Complete the Klingon War story arc. 100
Empire Faction KDF.png Complete the Empire story arc. 100
Warzone Faction KDF.png Complete the Warzone story arc. 100
Fek'Ihri Return Faction KDF.png Complete the Fek'Ihri Return story arc. 100
Vigilance Faction KDF.png Complete the Vigilance story arc. 100
From the Ashes Faction Romulan Republic.png Complete the From the Ashes story arc. 500
Allies Faction Romulan Republic.png Complete the Allies story arc. 100
In Shadows Faction Romulan Republic.png Complete the In Shadows story arc. 100
Wasteland Faction Khitomer.png Complete the Wasteland story arc. 100
Desert Drifter Explore Nimbus. 300
Vengeance Faction Romulan Republic.png Complete the Vengeance story arc. 100
Romulan Mystery Faction Khitomer.png Complete the Romulan Mystery story arc. 100
Cardassian Struggle Faction Khitomer.png Complete the Cardassian Struggle story arc. 100
Borg Advance Faction Khitomer.png Complete the Borg Advance story arc. 100
Resistance is Futile Get assimilated by the Borg. 100
New Romulus Faction Khitomer.png Complete the New Romulus story arc. 100
Discovering the Dewans Explore New Romulus. 300
History of New Romulus Discover all the New Romulus lore. 300
Solanae Dyson Sphere Faction Khitomer.png Complete the Solanae Dyson Sphere story arc. 100
Shadows of the Solanae Discover all the Solanae Dyson Sphere lore. 300
The Delta Quadrant Faction Khitomer.png Complete the Delta Quadrant story arc. 100
The Iconian War Faction Khitomer.png Complete the Iconian War story arc. 100
Spectres Faction Khitomer.png Complete the Spectres story arc. 100
Breen Invasion Faction Khitomer.png Complete the Breen Invasion story arc. 100
Vacation Vistas Visit all the Vistas on Risa. 300
Restful Resort Explore the Risa summer resort. 300

Xbox One rewards[]

Name Description Cost
Kobali Samsar Cruiser A special T6 cruiser made by the Kobali and can be flown by any faction. 9000
Admiralty Card Use this U.S.S. Appalachia "Steamrunner" Card in the Admiralty System. 500
Large XP Boost Provides a character a 20% increase in the amount of XP earned up to a max of 10,000 XP. 500
25,000 Dilithium Dilithium can be used to purchase special items or contribute to fleet projects. 1000
5 Lock Box Keys User a Master Key to unlock any available Lock Box. 2000

Zen redemption[]

On the PC Arc Client, Arc Points may be redeemed for Zen, at a ratio of 1 Zen per 10 Arc Points:

Zen Cost
Zen small icon.png 500 5,000
Zen small icon.png 1,000 10,000
Zen small icon.png 1,500 15,000
Zen small icon.png 2,000 20,000
Zen small icon.png 2,500 25,000
Zen small icon.png 3,000 30,000

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