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Romulan RepublicArcher System
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Narendra Sector
Beta Quadrant

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The Archer System is a system located in the Narendra Sector of the Beta Quadrant.

System Description[]

The Archer system is actually the second star system to have planets named for famed human explorer Jonathan Archer. The first, which is located in the 61 Ursae Majoris system, was the first M-class planet explored by the crew of the starship Enterprise in 2151. In 2222, a venture company seeking to attract more settlers to the system named it Archer and flooded newsnets with advertisements calling for "real explorers". Several hundred people answered the call, and a small, unaffiliated colony was founded on Archer IV.

Missions Involved[]


  • The location of the Archer System is most likely derived from the Star Trek: Star Charts. Having been published before Star Trek: Enterprise clearly established Archer IV to orbit the real world star 61 Ursae Majoris (only 31 lightyears from Sol), the system's location according to the Star Charts was incorrect. This discrepancy is explained in the info text of the Archer System in Star Trek Online.