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Faction Neutral.pngArucanis Arm
Rolor Nebula 2.jpg
Celes Sector
Beta Quadrant

Arucanis Arm Sector Map.png

The Arucanis Arm is a system located in the Celes Sector of the Beta Quadrant. The Arucanis Arm is a region of space serving as an Exploration Cluster.

System Description[]

The Arucanis Arm comprises a long curve of star systems spinning off the edge of the border between the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Much of this arm consists of stellar gasses, nebulae, and matter that formed into proto-stars, which gives it a brilliant color full display in the dark sky.

Missions Involved[]

Top Foundry Missions

  • DL-3/5 Time’s Favour Turns #45
  • S107 Double Trouble #20
  • The Omega Directive #33

Duty Officer Assignments[]

All duty officer assignments are present in Assignment chain: Colonization.

  • Colonial Site Surveying in the Arucanis Arm.
  • Corroborated Star charts for the Arucanis Arm.
  • Emergency Supplies to the colonist in the Arucanis arm.
  • Establish Additional First-in Colonies in the Arucanis Arm.
  • Grant Passage to Colonists to Staging Base in the Arucanis Arm.
  • Industrial Energy Cell Resupply run to Colonies in the Arucanis Arm.
  • Suppress Raids on Colonies in the Arucanus Arm.
  • Water Purification Systems Resupply Run to Colonies in the Arucanus Arm.
  • Weather Control Systems Resupply Run to Colonies in the Arucanis Arm.


  • Arucanis Wanderer Explore the Arucanis Arm 15 Times
  • Arucanis Nomad Explore the Arucanis Arm 35 Times
  • Arucanis Explorer Explore the Arucanis Arm 70 Times