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Duty officers can be sent out on assignments which take anywhere between 15 minutes to 5 days (real time, not gameplay time). Assignments require a variety of input items, including a selection of available duty officers/civilians, energy credits, commodities, Tribbles, etc. At the end of the assignment, players may be awarded with combinations of XP, duty officers/civilians, energy credits, commodities, Tribbles, ship/personal equipments, etc. - depending on the outcome of the assignment.

By default there can be a maximum of 20 assignments running at the same time.[1] Up to three additional assignment slots can be purchased from the Fleet Embassy, once they have been unlocked.

Assignments can be split into two major categories:

The time remaining for a refresh can be seen on the bottom left of your Assignments window.

Assignment Rarity[]


  • Lowest rewards per mission time and input items


  • Higher rewards for same/similar inputs as common assignments
  • Can be identified by a Green tint on the assignment snapshot and One Bar on the lower left corner


  • Very high rewards for the same/similar inputs as other assignments
  • Can be identified by a Blue tint on the assignment snapshot and Two Bars on the lower left corner

Very Rare

  • Highest rewards for the same/similar inputs as other assignments
  • Can be identified by a Purple tint on the assignment snapshot and Three Bars on the lower left corner
Note that the rarity of the duty officer assignments reflects the chance to spawn in assignments list but not always how frequently/often is received .
For example Assignment: Prepare Baked Tribble for Captain has a Common rarity with 1h duration but the chance to receive that assignment again is approximately after 2 days which makes it rare somehow (maybe because of the reward type/quality too).
So the assignments may have an internal server clock/cool-down. After the cooldown is completed you have a chance (Common, Rare, or Very rare) to receive that assignment again. (of course if you are in the same system-assignment-giver).
In other words, you won't receive every hour (or 2 for sector refresh) the same Common assignment.

Assignment Chains[]

Table of assignment chains

A number of assignments are part of assignment chains, in which each assignment must be completed in sequence to unlock the next assignment in the chain. Most chains have a special reward for completing the entire chain, including titles, items, and duty officers.

This list is stored at Assignment chain; any modifications must be made on that page.

The following chains are currently available:

Commendation Type[]

Colonial Assignments[]

  • Specific inputs: Colonists
  • Specific rewards: Colonial CXP, Colonists

Development Assignments[]

  • Specific inputs: Commodities
  • Specific rewards: Development CXP

Diplomatic Assignments (FED)[]

  • Specific inputs: Energy Credits[2]
  • Specific rewards: Diplomatic CXP

Engineering Assignments[]

Espionage Assignments[]

  • Specific inputs: Astrometric Probes
  • Specific rewards: Espionage CXP

Exploration Assignments[3][]

  • Specific inputs:
  • Specific rewards: Exploration CXP, anomalies

Marauding Assignments (KDF)[]

Medical Assignments[]

  • Specific inputs: Medical Supplies, Antigens
  • Specific rewards: Medical CXP

Military Assignments[]

  • Specific inputs: Medical Supplies, Provisions, Shield Generators
  • Specific rewards: Military CXP, Prisoner

Recruitment Assignments[]

  • Specific inputs:
  • Specific rewards: Recruitment CXP, Bridge Officer Candidates, Junior Officer Cadre, Special Duty Officer

Science Assignments[]

Trade Assignments[]

  • Specific inputs: Energy Credits, Gold-Pressed Latinum, Commodities
  • Specific rewards: Trade CXP, Energy Credits, Commodities, Contraband


  1. Some assignments, such as “Process Unrefined Dilithium”, may be started and collected regardless of whether all assignment slots are in use.
  2. The most frequently seen assignments that require energy credits are the uncommon “Purchase Prototype” assignments.
  3. Many Exploration assignments awarding significant (100+) base CXP on Success require at least one duty officer with the Specialization: Research Lab Scientist to be slotted.