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Faction Both.png Provide Raw Materials for Chrysalis Process
(3 of 6)
Location Type:
Current Map, Science Officer
Cxp science icon.png Science
Requires duty officers:
  • Development Lab Scientist
Base outcome chances:
  • Critical Success: 5%
  • Success: 55%
  • Failure: 38%
  • Disaster: 1%
592 Expertise icon.png
Commendation XP:
186 Cxp science icon.png


Starfleet: Section 31 has filled you in about Project Chrysalis, a controversial and secret project to enhance telepathic and telekinetic capabilities in species not normally possessing of them. Certain key non-replicatable materials are necessary for the next phase of testing.

Klingon: Security clearance has been provided regarding Project Chrysalis, a controversial and classified process to enhance telepathic and telekinetic capabilities in species not normally possessing of them. Certain key non-replicatable materials are necessary for the next phase of testing.

Completing this assignment will open up additional possible assignments in this story chain.


This assignment is unique.



Success: The supply run was completed without incident.

Possible locations[]

PC, 21 Feb, 2021: Top Right corner of the Trill Sector (right in the O of Sector) -- 3:10pm EST

PC, 11 Nov. 2020, directly outside of DS9 space. Bajor Sector. I warped out of DS9 area, opened mission log and there it was under Science Officer.

PC, 08 May 2020, Northwest corner of Cardassia Sector.

PC, 07/2018, Orion Sector

PS4, 04/2018: Spawned along the whole right Border of the Arawath Sector.

PS4, 04/2021: Right Border Arawath Sector, right Border Orias Sector.

Assignment chains
Faction Klingon.png Biogenic Weaponization
“Research Biogenic Weaponization”“Field Test Biogenic Weaponization”
Faction Cross-faction.png Biochemical Investigations
“Evaluate Biochemical Properties”“Analyze Biological Properties”“Research Practical Applications”“Perform Pharmacological Trials”
Faction Federation.png Caitian Diaspora
“Attend Caitian Diplomatic Dinner”“Accept Invitation by Caitian Scientist”“Supply Caitian Research Station”“Support Caitian Scientific Expedition Efforts”“Recover Stolen Samples from Ferasan Raid”“Analyze Recovered Genetic Samples”“Assess Psychotropic Triggers in Augmented DNA”“Access Classified Ferasan Database”“Locate Caitian Diaspora Site”“Rescue Caitian Hostage from Ferasa”
Faction Both.png Children's Toys
“Negotiate Delivery of Rare Commodities”“Infuse Alien Artifact with Rare Particles”“Fabricate Prototype Console from Alien Artifact”
Faction Both.png Colonial Team
“Initiate Contact with Colonization Team”“Assist Colonization Team with Site Survey”“Recruit Labor Aid”
Faction Cross-faction.png Colonization
“Colony Site Survey”“Establish Forward Base”“Establish First-In Colony”“Fortify Colonies”“Transport Settlers”“Establish Military Base”“Renown”“Support Colonization Efforts”/“Support Expansion Efforts”
Faction Cross-faction.png Consular Authority
“Deliver Communique”“Secure Consulate”“Install Security Improvements”“Station Deputy Ambassador”/“Station Provincial Administrator”
Faction Cross-faction.png Culinary Credentials
“Establish Culinary Credentials”“Promote Culinary Reputation”“Prepare Kalandra Sector Surprise”“Boil Klingon-Ferengi Fusion Cooking”“Prepare Traditional Klingon Ascension Feast”
Faction Both.png Epohh Raising
“Research Tagged Epohhs”“Raise Epohh Pup”“Raise Epohh Moppet”“Raise Epohh Adult”
Faction Cross-faction.png Extreme Bartending
“Drown Troubles with Saurian Brandy”“Acquire Case of Romulan Ale”“Locate Rare Vintage of Tranya”“Host Diplomatic Reception”“Talk Captain Out of Poor Choice of Professional Action”
Faction Both.png Facility 4028 Fugitives
Faction Federation.png“Attend Briefing At Facility 4028 About Escaped Dominion Prisoners”/Faction Klingon.png“Assemble War Conference Regarding Dominion Fugitives from Facility 4028”Faction Federation.png “Investigate Facility 4028 Prisoner Database for Leads”/Faction Klingon.png“Infiltrate Database of Facility 4028 for Prisoner Information”Faction Federation.png “Perform Forensic Sweep of Facility 4028”/Faction Klingon.png“Decrypt Facility 4028 Files for Information”“Bribe Locals for Assistance in Tracking Facility 4028 Fugitives”“Raid Safehouse of Facility 4028 Fugitives”
Faction Cross-faction.png Gaming Proficiency
“Host a Poker Game”“Dabo!”“Play Tri-Dimensional Chess”“Compete with a Strategema Master”
Faction Both.png Ghosts of the Jem'Hadar
“Investigate Unmanned Jem'Hadar Warship”“Tractor Unmanned Jem'Hadar Warship to Sector Base”“Perform Scientific Evaluation of Particle Traces on Jem'Hadar Warship”“Pursue Rumors of Origins of Unmanned Jem'Hadar Warship”“Bribe Ferasan for Information about Jem'Hadar in Sector”“Develop Technique to Synthesize Unrefined Ketracel-White”“Overpower Jem'Hadar Ground Expeditionary Force”“Persuade Cardassian Captain”“Infiltrate Deep Space Ketracel-White Production Facility”“Provide Sanctuary to Gul Tain”
Faction Cross-faction.png Project Chrysalis
“Supply Classified Project”“Recover Scientist from Dominion Prison Camp”“Provide Raw Materials for Chrysalis Process”“Detach Personnel for Training of Chrysalis Volunteers”“Post-Chrysalis Treatment”“Reintroduce Volunteer into Society”
Faction Both.png Tal Shiar Infiltration
“Initiate Contact with Rogue Tal Shiar Agent”“Plant An Operative Inside Tal Shiar Organization”“Smuggle Intelligence Out Of Tal Shiar Headquarters”“Convince High-Rank Tal Shiar Agent to Defect”
Faction Both.png Tau Dewa Aid
“Investigate Distress Call from Suliban Cell”“Relocate Survivors of an Elachi Raid”“Liberate Enslaved Arena Combatants”“Thwart Elachi Abductions”“Locate Suitable World for Refugees”“Provide Medical Aid for Elachi Abductees”
Faction Klingon.png Unforgiven of Ferasa
“Attend Ferasan Trial by Combat”“Clandestine Meeting with Ferasan Contact”“Assist Planning Raid on Caitian Research Station”“Dispose of Spoils from Caitian Raid”“Intercept Caitian Courier”“Analyze Genetic Samples”“Assess Psychotropic Triggers in Augmented DNA”“Access Classified Ferasan Database”“Collect Medical Records of Pre-Apotheotic Caitian Traitors”“Blockade Caitian Detention Facility”