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Faction FEDKDF.png Sick Bay
Location Type:
Cxp medical icon.png Medical
Requires duty officers:
  • 1 (any)
Base outcome chances:
  • Critical Success: 0%
  • Success: 100%
  • Failure: 0%
  • Disaster: 0%
Commendation XP:
52 Cxp medical icon.png

"Sick Bay" is an involuntary assignment aboard your ship. When your duty officers are injured, they are sent to sickbay to heal for 20 hours. At the end of 20 hours, your duty officer is simply returned to duty, and you pick up 52 Medical commendation points. The assignment cannot be failed or critically succeeded.

What happens to your officers in sick bay[]

Think of this assignment as a total "time out". While your officers are completing this assignment, they cannot be involved in any other assignment, nor can they be dismissed. Neither can they be sold on the exchange or traded in with the personnel officer. Once they go into sick bay, they must complete their 20 hour recuperation cycle. On the plus side, this mission requires no assignment slots, which means it does not count against the 20 assignment cap. It is common for players to have 21-24 missions running simultaneously, if some of their crew are in the sick bay.

How did my duty officer end up in sick bay?[]

It is a common misconception that duty officers are sent to sick bay because of an outcome of "Disaster" on another assignment. While this is certainly the most usual route to sick bay, the relationship between "success" and "sick bay" is more tenuous than might be assumed. Duty officers can go to sickbay even when they've succeeded. A prime example of this sort of "successful failure" are the personal combat Development assignments, like “Compete in Exhibition Ushaan Matches on Andoria”. Any time you attempt a mission with a high — but particularly "Extreme" — casualty risk, it's possible that a good outcome will involve some sick bay time.

Conversely, it's entirely possible to have an outcome of "Disaster" which does not involve a trip to the sick bay. A "Disaster" on “Review Diplomatic Correspondence” will not send your diplomats to the sick bay. Indeed, there is no practical difference between "Failure" and "Disaster" on "no casualty risk" missions.

What this means, mathematically, is that the odds of going to sick bay are calculated at least somewhat separately from the odds of success. You can go to sick bay even if you get a critical success and have 0% chance of failing the mission. The implication is obvious: going to sick bay is not considered a failure. Wise players will therefore take the time to read the "casualty risk" rating. If the risk is high, know that success can come at a price. If the risk is low, know that you probably aren't actually courting disaster.


This assignment is unique.


  • 1 injured duty officer