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TholianAzure Nebula
Azure Nebula - New.png
Azure Sector
Beta Quadrant

The Azure Nebula is a large nebula located in the Azure Sector of the Beta Quadrant. In the 23rd Century, the Azure Nebula also formed a part of the Klingon-Federation border.

System Description[]

A class 11 nebula composed mainly of oxygen and argon, with traces of theta-xenon, fluorine, and sirillium, the Azure Nebula was the site of an encounter between the U.S.S. Excelsior and a battle cruiser commanded by the legendary Captain Kang in 2293. The Excelsior escaped by igniting the volatile sirillium gas, disabling the Klingon vessel.

Recent Tholian activity in the region has uncovered a series of subspace corridors throughout the nebula. These corridors may lead to other regions of space or even other dimensions.

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