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Ba'ku Duty Officer Cadre
Ultra Rare Inventory

Not all of the Ba'ku embraced their technology-free lifestyle. Some chose to join alliance worlds and lend their skills.

Each Ba'ku Duty Officer Cadre will include:
  • 4 Common or Better Duty Officers
  • 2 Uncommon or Better Duty Officer
  • 1 Rare or Better Duty Officer
Value: Energy credit icon.png

The Ba'ku Duty Officer Cadre is a random Reward Pack obtained from opening a [Son'a Lock Box]. Opening this box rewards 4 common, 2 uncommon or better, and 1 rare or better Ba'ku duty officer.

  • These duty officers all have Congenial doff.png Congenial, Peaceful doff.png Peaceful, and Resolve doff.png Resolve traits, and additional two random traits.
  • You must be at least level 11 to be able to obtain a duty officer.

Active powers[]

Duty officers[]

  • Following duty officer are available in Federation and Klingon versions, and can be distinguished by the background image which shows faction logo.