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The Badlands (aka Badlands Battlezone or Badlands System) is a space adventure zone located in the Cardassia Sector.

System Description[ | ]

A region of space known for intense plasma storms and gravitational anomalies. The plasma storms make starship navigation in the area extremely difficult, and most captains avoid the area.

In the 2370s, the Maquis used the Badlands as a staging area and hiding place during their campaign against the Cardassian Union. Now the True Way is reviving those tactics in their fight against the Federation.

Missions involved[ | ]

Battlezone[ | ]

General information[ | ]

Commander Mesi Achebe explains the main goal in the Badlands Battlezone during a cutscene after player's first visit.

Welcome to the Badlands.
Terran forces are invading our universe through weak points in space. Shut down the Terran devices to drive back their forces. Send the Terrans back to their Mirror Universe!
Badlands Battlezone

Badlands Battlezone

Open Missions[ | ]

Available to players once they reach Level 60, the Badlands Battlezone is divided into nine areas; in each area, players must work to close a portal to the Mirror Universe. Efforts in the Battlezone are coordinated by the U.S.S. Malinche.

There are three types of points which can be captured to advance the Battlezone Ally Control meter:

Power Station[ | ]

  • Maintain close proximity to Terran Empire power station and defend it until it is shut down. Shutdown will progress if allied ships outnumber Mirror Universe ships.

Mirror Universe Portal[ | ]

  • Shut down three portal generators which are maintaining a portal to the Mirror Universe and defend the portal until it collapses.

Plasma Controller[ | ]

  • Destroy Terran Plasma Control station by attacking it directly and disabling nearby backup satellites.

Once all nine points have been captured, three Mirror Fortresses appear on the map: Empok Nor, Terran Empire Base and Klingon Alliance Base.

Mirror Fortresses[ | ]

  • Each Mirror Fortress is protected by a shield bubble. To take down the shield bubble, players need to disable a power station, portal generator and plasma controller orbiting the station. Once the shielding is down, they can attack the Starbase.

If the players are able to defeat all three starbases within 10 minutes, a Terran Empire fleet, led by the I.S.S. Enterprise, invades the Badlands. Players have 5 minutes to defeat as many Terran Empire ships as possible.

Rewards[ | ]

For each captured point, the highest reward players can receive is 10 Terran Mark icon + 10 Temporal Mark icon + 60 Dilithium Ore icon.

Based on how many Mirror bases are defeated, completing the Battlezone will reward the following:

  • With one base defeated, at least:
    • Terran Gravimetric Inducer icon 1 Terran Gravimetric Inducer
    • Chroniton Buffer icon 1 Chroniton Buffer
    • Terran Mark icon 5 Terran Marks
    • Temporal Mark icon 5 Temporal Marks
    • Dilithium Ore icon 60 Dilithium Ore
  • With two bases defeated, at least:
    • Terran Gravimetric Inducer icon 2 Terran Gravimetric Inducers
    • Chroniton Buffer icon 2 Chroniton Buffers
    • Terran Mark icon 10 Terran Marks
    • Temporal Mark icon 10 Temporal Marks
    • Dilithium Ore icon 120 Dilithium Ore
  • With three bases defeated, at least:
    • Terran Gravimetric Inducer icon 3 Terran Gravimetric Inducers
    • Chroniton Buffer icon 3 Chroniton Buffers
    • Terran Mark icon 15 Terran Marks
    • Temporal Mark icon 15 Temporal Marks
    • Dilithium Ore icon 240 Dilithium Ore

A bonus will be added to the final objective reward based upon the number of points player captured. The point capture credit is stored until the player completes the Battlezone, and then it is reset.

Accolades[ | ]

Following accolades can be obtained in the Badlands Battlezone:

Gallery[ | ]

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