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Bajor remastered.png
Bajor from orbit

Derna, Jeraddo
Native Species:
Bajor System
Bajor Sector
Alpha Quadrant

Hathon-central square-panorama.png
Panorama of the central square of Hathon

Bajor is the homeworld of the Bajorans and namesake for the Bajor Sector. The planet is notable for its location at the entrance of a stable wormhole, the Bajoran wormhole.

During the brief occupation of Deep Space 9 in 2409, the city of Hathon was made hub and social area for both Starfleet and the KDF.


  • ~500,000 years ago: The Bajoran civilization makes its first accomplishments in the fields of science, mathematics, philosophy, and arts.
  • ~20,000 years ago: The First Republic flourishes on Bajor and cities like B'hala are built.
  • ~10,000 years ago: The "Tears of the Prophets", Orbs sent by the Wormhole aliens, are discovered on Bajor and cause the formation of Bajoran religion around them.
  • 16th century: The first Bajorans reach Cardassia Prime in solar sail-ships.
  • 2328: The Cardassian Union begins its occupation of Bajor, officially claiming to help in the development of the planet. Many atrocities were committed against the Bajorans during the Occupation, e.g., the execution of fifteen farmers from Hathon because they refused to display the Cardassian banner outside their homes.
  • 2346-2351: Terok Nor is built by the Cardassians in orbit of Bajor as an ore processing station.
  • 2369: The Cardassians end the Occupation and leave Bajor. The Bajoran Provisional Government expresses its interest in Federation membership and Terok Nor is transferred to Starfleet administration. The station is renamed Deep Space 9 and placed at the mouth of the newly discovered Bajoran wormhole under the command of Benjamin Sisko.
  • 2373: The Dominion War begins and the Bajor System temporarily falls under Dominion control the following year. In order to protect the planet from being occupied again, Cpt. Sisko previously urged Bajor to retract its application for Federation membership and even pushed for the Provisional Government to sign a non-aggression treaty with the Dominion.
  • 2375: The Dominion War ends with the Dominion's surrender and the signing of the "Treaty of Bajor".
  • 2381: The Bajoran government, which demands the extradition of several Cardassian government and military officials to stand trial for crimes against sentient beings having taken place during the Bajoran Occupation as well as the Dominion War, requests assistance from the Federation Council and the Klingon High Council. However, by the following year hundreds of the aforementioned Cardassian officials seemingly vanish from Cardassia Prime, which is seen as an attempt to assist fugitives.
  • 2384: Bajor's renewed application for membership within the Federation is accepted.
  • 2392: A candidate from Bajor is considered an outside choice for the election of the new Federation President.
  • 2393: Bajor and Tamaria join the Federation.
  • 2409: During a temporary occupation of Deep Space 9 by rogue Dominion forces, Hathon on Bajor serves as an organizational hub for the Federation and the Klingon Empire to retake the station.

Missions involved[]

Missions formerly involved[]

  • “Cage of Fire”: The player tours the archaeological digs at the Fire Caves with a contingent from the Vedek Assembly.

Assignments mentioned[]

Bajor charges very high prices for their native food:

All of these items are available elsewhere in Federation space, at a discount of 80%-90% off of Bajoran prices.



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