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The bank in Star Trek Online is a universal storage facility for any inventory items. Items placed into any bank will appear in all banks throughout the galaxy and would be available for retrieval no matter which bank was visited.

Cargo Bay[]

For the purposes of item possession for Ship and officer injuries and duty officer assignments, the contents of the bank are available even if they are not in your character's inventory.

Example: A medical assignment that requires 5 Medical Supplies is considered still a plannable assignment even though you have no Medical Supplies in your inventory, but have the minimum amount in your bank. If your ship sustains an injury, Minor components can be used to repair the ship even though you have no Minor Components in your inventory, but have the minimum amount in your Bank. If a rare sample trace is required for an assignment, the same assignment can be planned with the trace still in your bank and not in your inventory, and so on.

Bank slots[]

For Gold players, your bank gains more slots as you progress through the game allowing you to store more items.

Rank Slots
Gold Silver
Ensign 60 60
Lieutenant Commander 72
Commander 84
Captain 96
Rear Admiral, Lower Half Brigadier General 108
Rear Admiral, Upper Half Major General 120
Vice Admiral Lieutenant General 132
Promo - Additional Bank Slots
Common Inventory
Account Bind On Pickup
* * Rewarded as part of a Special Promotion.

This part of the Promo Bundle has remained unpacked because your character is already at or near the max number of available Bank Slots that may be purchased. This package may be traded to other characters on your account, and applied to any character that is not at/near this upper limit.

Value: 0 Energy credit icon.png

An additional 12 bank slots (character unlock) can be purchased from the Zen Store for 300 Zen small icon.png, up to seventeen (17) times per character. Should a character at or near the limit receive a promotional bundle that would put them over the limit of Bank slots, an account-bound [Promo - Additional Bank Slots] will be placed in their inventory instead.

Account-Shared Bank[]

An Account-Shared Bank is extra inventory that all characters on a given account have access to unlike normal bank storage. Note that any form of injury-repairing item, such as a regenerator or components, cannot be used from the account-wide bank. Gold Players were granted free access to 20 slots of Account-Shared Bank storage while silver players must buy initial access to 10 slots of storage. These have a capacity of 1 billion energy credits.

An additional 10 account-shared bank slots can be purchased from the Zen Store for 1000 Zen small icon.png. Gold players can purchase additional access up to ten times to total 120 slots while silver players are granted up to 100 total slots.

Dominion characters will be unable to access the account-shared bank until their completion of the Gamma Quadrant missions.

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