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** [[Captain P'tor]]
** [[Captain P'tor]]
** [[Commander J'Vek]]

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Faction Neutral.png Battle Group Omega

Battle Group Omega.jpg

Cestus Sector

Facilities Available

Battle Group Omega is a Starfleet and Klingon Empire deep space staging ground for incursions into Borg space and to protect nearby populated worlds. A nearby asteroid belt provides raw materials and supplies for the fleet, a nearby rogue moon emits low-level Delta radiation which hides the fleets energy signature from the Borg.

The Klingon Empire and Federation have a tentative cease fire agreement in place in order to deal with the Borg threat – so players of both factions will be able to access this area.

In this location you will find a two fleets of starships holding position and providing various services to your Captain. You must be within 3 km of the relevant ship to access its service.



Klingon Defence Force