Beta-Tachyon Particle

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Beta-Tachyon Particle

Research and Development - Material
Value: __ Energy credit icon.png
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Beta-Tachyon Particle is a rare Research and Development material. it is a subatomic particle that is one of the forms of a tachyon particle. In combination with antiproton beams, beta-tachyon particles can be used to increase shield strength.

Known Locations:

Usage[edit | edit source]

See more: List of craftable components.

Beta-Tachyon Particles are used in crafting components needed to fabricate various items. See crafting school in the table below for details on requirements and craftable items.

Material Component Crafting school
3x [Beta-Tachyon Particle]
2x [Rubidium]
Blue Arrow (Right).png [Component - Ejection System] Engineering School
Projectiles School
2x [Beta-Tachyon Particle]
3x [Z-Particle]
Blue Arrow (Right).png [Component - Plasma Compressor] Cannons School
Shields School
2x [Beta-Tachyon Particle]
3x [Z-Particle]
Blue Arrow (Right).png [Component - Handheld Calibration Control] Ground Weapons School
Kits and Modules School
2x [Beta-Tachyon Particle]
3x [Rubidium]
Blue Arrow (Right).png [Component - Power Surge Regulator] Beams School