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The Beta Quadrant is one of 4 quadrants in the Milky Way. It is home to the United Federation of Planets, Klingon Empire, Romulan Star Empire, and Romulan Republic. The early missions of Star Trek Online mostly takes place in the Beta Quadrant.

Points of Interest[ | ]

Paradise Lost

The Nimbus III adventure zone at the edge of the Beta Quadrant

Briar patch 1

The Briar Patch, a region of space that has featured twice in Star Trek and in three STO missions

Drozana Station

Drozana Station is the most significant cross-faction hub in the Beta Quadrant

The Beta Quadrant is dominated by the Federation, Klingons and Romulans. Near the border to all three, it contains an Iconian gateway to the Delta and Gamma Quadrants providing a crucial link across the galaxy. Of the playable quadrants, the Beta Quadrant has a large number of player hubs and battlezones, and other regions which feature heavily in canon or missions such as the Mutara Nebula and the Briar Patch

Location Sector Services
Afehirr Nebula Gasko Sector Duty Officer Node
Andoria Vulcan Sector Minor Federation social zone
Arucanis Arm Celes Sector Duty Officer Node
Azlesa Expanse B'Moth Sector Duty Officer Node
B'Tran Cluster Vorn Sector Duty Officer Node
Deep Space K-7 Aldebaran Sector Federation faction player hub
Delta Volanis Cluster Vulcan Sector Duty Officer Node
D'kel Star Cluster Gorath Sector Duty Officer Node
Drozana Station Donatu Sector Cross-faction player hub
Dyson Sphere Gateway Azure Sector Link to Solanae Dyson Sphere
Link to Delta Quadrant and Gamma Quadrant.
Earth Vulcan Sector Federation faction player hub
Eridan Belt Ponor Sector Duty Officer Node
Eridon Nebula Sanek Sector Duty Officer Node
Federation Fleet Starbase Aldebaran Sector Fleet holding (UFP)
Klingon Fleet Starbase Archanis Sector Fleet holding (KDF)
Fluidic Space Fleet Action Vorn Sector Undine Fleet Action
Ganalda Station Archanis Sector Klingon faction player hub
Hromi Cluster Xarantine Sector Duty Officer Node
Khazan Cluster Vendor Sector Duty Officer Node
New Romulus Azure Sector Romulan faction player hub
Adventure zone
Nimbus III Hobus Sector Adventure zone
Nukara Prime Boreth Sector Tholian Incursion Battlezone
Qo'noS Qo'noS Sector Klingon faction player hub
Risa Risa Sector Cross-faction social zone
Romulan Flotilla Azure Sector Romulan faction player hub
Starbase 157 Boreth Sector PvE queue
Starbase 234 H'atoria Sector PvE queue
Starbase 24 Orion Sector PvE queue
Starbase 39 Sierra Sector Federation faction player hub
T'Ong Nebula Qo'noS Sector Duty Officer Node
Vulcan (planet) Vulcan Sector Minor Federation social zone
Wolf 359 Vulcan Sector Minor Federation social zone

Playable Area[ | ]

See also Sector space

The Beta Quadrant is one of the two largest playable quadrants in Star Trek Online, but it still covers a fraction of the overall quadrant. It covers 42 sectors including much of the core of the three main factions: the Federation, Romulan Republic and Klingon Empire.

Map of the Beta Quadrant

TOS Federation[ | ]

TOS Starfleet characters access a different version of the Beta Quadrant, one set in 2270, until they complete the mission “The Battle of Caleb IV”. This Beta Quadrant has a few different systems visible by default and focuses only on 9 sectors.

The graphic takes the design of maps seen in the 23rd century and shows the Romulan Neutral Zone. An attempt by the player to cross the Neutral Zone is stopped by the player's bridge officer, citing that they do not have permission to cross it.

Map of the Beta Quadrant in 2270

DSC Federation[ | ]

DSC Starfleet characters access another different version of the Beta Quadrant, one set in 2256, until they complete the mission “Downfall”. This Beta Quadrant displays Starbase 1 and focuses only on 4 sectors.

The graphic resembles the war map seen in Lorca's ready room on the U.S.S. Discovery.

Map of the Beta Quadrant

List of Sectors[ | ]

For details, see List of Sectors and Systems.

Sectors marked with * or ** are the ones forming sector space visible to early TOS Federation characters.

Sectors marked with ** are the ones forming sector space visible to early DSC Federation characters.

Factions and Homeworlds[ | ]

Portrait Homeworld Species Faction
Acamarian Acamar III Acamarian
Aenar Andoria Aenar United Federation of Planets
Andorian Andoria Andorians United Federation of Planets
Jol'hi Ba'ku Son'a
Benzite Benzar Benzites United Federation of Planets
Bolian Bolarus IX Bolians United Federation of Planets
Menbet Gornar Gorn Gorn Hegemony/
Klingon Empire
Human Earth Humans United Federation of Planets
Nausicaan Personnel Officer Nausicaa Nausicaans Klingon Empire
Jurlek Qo'nos Klingon Klingon Empire
Pahvan Pahvo Pahvan n/a
Reman New Romulus Reman Romulan Republic/Reman Resistance
Romulan New Romulus/
Rator III
Romulan Romulan Republic/
Romulan Star Empire
Rigelian Rigel V Rigelians United Federation of Planets
Risian Risa Risians United Federation of Planets
Selei Ter'jas Mor Orion Orion Syndicate/
Klingon Empire
Vulcan Vulcan (planet) Vulcans United Federation of Planets
Xenexian Xenex Xenexians United Federation of Planets
Suliban Unknown Suliban

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